How To Find The Perfect Customer

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What we know about the laws of the universe is that when we think about what it is we want – when we clarify that – it magnetically attracts to us. But too often, people in business think, “Well, I just want customers! I need traffic! Pay attention to my product!” They don’t consider, specifically, what type of customers (i.e., people) they want to work with.

Think about this whole process from a perspective you might not ever have considered when it comes to business.

I’m sharing this with you because I’ve learned to do it myself. It’s made all the difference not only in my business, which has flourished, but in my level of happiness.

I want you to imagine that we’re creating a profile for the perfect customer just like you would if you’re on a dating site.

You don’t check off, “I will only date thirty-two year olds who live in Michigan.”

You start to come up with a range of things. Yes, there are exceptions to every rule… but the closer we can narrow down your customer profile, the more likely you are to design everything you do around attracting them.

Start thinking about what your ideal customer and/or future customer looks like.

You’ve got to create that list on paper. A customer profile! That’s what you’re going to do today. Picture that dream customer. Who it is ultimately. Not right now.

Let’s take a look at some of these questions. Please give a general range for your answers.

Questions for attracting the ideal customer:

Step 1) Where do they live?

Where do your customers generally reside? Are they in Europe? Maybe in the Southwest? Are they in big cities? Or rural areas? As much detail as you can get here as possible.

Step 2) What age do you best serve?

For me, I’m trying to attract someone who’s in that twenty-five to forty-five range. If I identify most with someone in that demographic, it’s a little more narrowed down. This way I don’t have to worry so much about people who are younger or older – whether or not I’m trying to please them. You can’t please everybody. You’ve got to hone in on this.

Step 3) Are they married or are they single?

I certainly would never discriminate against somebody who is single. That’s great, but, ideally, I want to work with people and teach them how to improve their existing relationships. It’s helpful if it’s someone who is in a relationship.

Step 4) Do they have kids?

Family is a big part of what I do, hence… I believe I can help people be better parents.

Step 5) What’s their general household income?

You don’t want to attract customers who can’t afford you. When I was doing personal training, I couldn’t believe that anyone would pay me twenty-five dollars an hour as I counted their bicep curl reps. I was, like: “Am I really getting paid for this?”

Because of that I started attracting a lot of people who couldn’t afford twenty five dollars an hour.

So the first time a holiday came around or rent was increased, I was the first thing to be cut. It didn’t take long for me to quickly realize, “I need customers who can afford me.”

Step 6) What’s their environment like (e.g., car, home, etc.)?

The more specific you are about their world, the better. Do they vacation? What are their interests and hobbies?

Look, if I’m attracting people who think that wearing makeup is wrong, bling-y stuff is ridiculous, and pop culture is a waste of time, then we’re just not going to relate to each other that well.

Bottom line, this is about you enjoying your life, including the customers you work with.

Then lastly, and here’s the important one…

Step 7) Who do you not want to work with?

It’s okay. No one’s going to read this.

I know who I don’t want to work with because they make me feel uncomfortable! As if I have to be all buttoned up, talk about my degrees, and use the right terminology for everything. I won’t work with those kinds of people. People who are all about themselves and just climbing, climbing, climbing and refuse to take a breath and enjoy their family. Nope, not for me.

The more clearly you put together this composite… the more accurately you’re going to be able to develop a plan. And that plan will guarantee you embark on magnetically attracting your perfect customer.


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