How To Get Out of Debt

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I don’t care how much debt you have, it is possible to get out of it and turn everything around. But it’s not with a hope and a prayer. You’ve got to:

  • Have a plan
  • Be disciplined
  • Educate yourself

Hopefully, your path — to get out of debt — starts with this blog.

You Can't Get Out of Debt with a Hope and Prayer

Now, no matter how much you strategize, stay focused and invest in resources… if you don’t believe you can get out of debt, then it’s not possible.

You must overcome a negative money mindset. And, believe.

If it’s possible for other people, it’s possible for you.

All my life, I knew I would be a millionaire. I didn’t just dream about it, I believed it to be possible — but, to be frank, it took me some time to get to the place where I believed it was possible to be an eight-figure earner.

If your belief isn’t there, don’t worry. I’m going to recommend an audiobook that 100% changed my life. (By the way, it’s not available in book format — only audio. Which, to be honest, is the best way to absorb the content.)

Prosperity Consciousness, by Fredric Lehrman 

Now, this particular audio is something I began listening to on cassette tapes back in the early ’90s, and continued to do so at least once a year (for many years).

Get out Of Debt by Improving your Money Mindset

Side-note: Even if you don’t struggle with a money mindset, this book will improve your money mindset.

Regardless, if you’re in debt… you definitely have issues with money and the energy surrounding it.

It was after deciding to listen to this audiotape again in 2015 that I was like,

“Okay, we will be eight-figure earners!”

Until then, I had all these reasons in my mind as to why we never would make that much money.

  • Why would we need to?
  • More money, more problems!
  • It’s outside of our range.

All of these very limiting beliefs were, in fact, in place in my life at the time.

Whatever your beliefs are — conscious or subconscious — they’re controlling exactly what’s happening in your everyday life.

Getting out of Debt is About Belief First

Here’s a personal anecdote to illustrate another reason I want you to listen to this life-changing book…

So much of what my husband and I have been able to do in our lives — including, recently, taking seven months off and caring for my father-in-law, Bob, with stage 5 Alzheimer’s — has been the result of being financially secure.

We don’t have to ask ourselves whether or not we can afford something. And while that is, no doubt, a privilege, it has become our reality because we:

  • did the work
  • strategized
  • planned
  • got very disciplined

We did all the above to be able to create a life where we have the ability, no matter what it costs, to take care of people in the way that feels right for us.

To not have debt — or any kind of financial stress — is such an incredible gift to your relationships and to your overall life.

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Oh, by the way, if you’re not already an Audible member, go here for 30 FREE days and pick up Prosperity Consciousness! I’m telling you, there’s no faster way to get out of debt and change your money status once and for all.


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