How To Identify Customer Needs

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Being unable to identify customer needs accurately is analogous to an olympic figure skater performing a triple axle on thin ice at the neighborhood lake. Why, on God’s green earth, would anyone attempt such a thing? A smart skater will asses their surroundings and move forward accordingly. And so must a skilled business owner.

Listen, customers seek businesses that are able to foresee their wants. Here are 4 questions to ask yourself which will help you master the requirements of your potential client.

Question ONE: What’s the #1 thing people are always asking you about?

For example, for me, it depends on how the customer was introduced to my brand(s). If you check out my Instagram and Facebook feeds, it’s probably a question related to fitness. But if it’s my Lifer – someone who found me via Podcast, let’s say – that main question is going be totally different… relating to improving one’s life, personally or in business.

Maybe your line of work is network marketing. If that’s the case, you’re thinking about this in terms of people who might be your customers, distributors, coaches, or your downline.

The answer to this question should be self evident as, again, it’s the one constant inquiry people are throwing your way.

Question TWO: If you could go back in time and do things differently from the start, knowing what you know today, what one thing do you get?

“Man, I wish I knew that sooner because life would have been a lot easier, quicker, had I known that before!”

Question THREE: What’s the one myth / misconception that people have that you have to address?

The number one myth with entrepreneurs, for instance, is you’re supposed to learn how to do everything yourself.

Question FOUR: What mistakes are people making you could help them with?

These might be the three biggest mistakes people are making as it relates to your expertise.

Imagine you’re standing on a soap box talking to your future customers and I’ve just given you five minutes to get a very important point across to them. Something you know would help them! What would that message entail? What’s that thing where you’re just like, “Man, I just want to shake people and say, ‘This is going to help you. You need to know this’”?

This is the one mistake you know people could avoid if they just had that piece of information.

Okay… questions over.

I’m guessing you’ve probably seen some of the same answers pop up over and over and over again. And that’s a really important thing for you to look at.

Don’t forget, there are common questions everybody asks and then there are questions your Lifers ask.

Your truest customer is that Lifer. It’s the person you, ultimately, want to work with. They’re the people who remind you of YOU – just earlier on in their journey.

After you sit with your answers, hopefully you realize that you don’t have to be the only person who has solved this need. You just have to have your own (it can be very small, just a tweak) way to deliver the goods.

Exhibiting your own personal take is what it’s going to attract the right customers to your for life.


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