How To Niche Your Business

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We tend to share the same piece of media on all platforms on the same day or roughly the same period of time. We wonder, sometimes, if we’re over-saturating. Look, I’m a fan of having a niche. The riches are in the niches, as they say. However, I also think, from time to time, we can over-niche ourselves. In other words, be too specific.

Now – this is a universal takeaway for everybody: Tell people who your stuff is for.

If you’ve listened to more than one episode of Build Your Tribe (new eps every Tuesday / Thursday), you hear that repeatedly. I’m continually making it very clear what the show is about (dedicated to help you build your business).

I’m always restating that! 

By reiterating who you’re marketing to, you ensure that the lifespan of the customer you’re working with is lengthened. That said, it would certainly behoove you to expand the base you’re speaking to, as well.

Questions to consider:

  • Have you, perhaps, over-niched yourself?
  • Is there a broader market you could be talking to?
  • How can you serve your customers for a greater length of time?

Personally, I’m looking to serve my customers for their life. Whatever I figure out next, I’m just going to keep learning and sharing and learning and sharing.

It reminds me of a Marketing Impact Academy student whom I’ve had conversations with. She had a very niched short lifespan with her “target customer” or “ideal lifer” because she was a lactation specialist. At best, she might be able to help her perfect customer with their next baby, but oftentimes, because she’s so good at what she does, her clients had no problem breastfeeding their newest addition to the family on their own.

Work needed to be done to help her understand how there were probably other things she might examine as part of her offering skill set. For her, there was child development, nutrition, caring for your baby, bonding with your baby, and then bonding with your toddler… ALL of these things that she had learned as her own children developed! If someone had come to trust her enough to spend their most intimate moments after birth, then, of course, that trust would carry over to future moments, like: rearing toddlers and dealing with preteens and teenagers. Right?

The takeaway here, Lifers… please consider how much longer you could serve the people who you like working with. I think that’s great advice for all of us.


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