How To Personal Brand Yourself

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What is your personal brand? It’s such a strange question because it sounds like you’re going to be shrink-wrapped and put up on a shelf! But it’s important to think of yourself as a brand as it helps with not taking things, personally — when somebody doesn’t want what it is you have to offer, for example.

Today, I’d like to simplify what it means to develop and understand your personal brand.

How To Discover Your Personal Brand is Simple and Basic

I think this topic has been over-complicated, in general, so get excited because it really is basic and simple.

Questions to consider that will make it super clear on how to personal-brand yourself.

1. What do you pray that people think of you for / what did they come to know you for?

Personal anecdote: A great example of this is the notoriety I got from doing fitness infomercials. But I’ve had many businesses before my fitness infomercials! The infomercials made my name more recognizable, though. And for a lot of people, that’s their first introduction to me.

Hence, while I had been teaching business and entrepreneurs for many, many years, the public perception didn’t match my own reality.

It became apparent to me (with some guidance) that I had some work to do to ensure those 2 things — public perception and reality — matched.

2. What are you putting out to the world?

I remember having a conversation with one of my mentors, years ago, and complaining about the fact that everybody introduces me as a fitness personality. And this mentor pointed out,

“Well, what else would they think of you as? That what’s on your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and, not to mention, those are the types of appearances you’re doing.”

He was right. I was just too close to it.

How could I expect people to expect anything else from me if that’s the content I was delivering?

So, take a look at your own social media. What changes do you need to make so that it matches with how you want people to think of you?

Look at Your Social Media to Understand How People View Your Personal Brand

3. What makes you unique?

This right here doesn’t have to be huge and earth-shattering. It should just be something a little different about you and your approach. If 80% of the people who do what you do have a certain look or feel or way they do it, and you’re part of the 20% who do it differently… you will stand out.

The thing that makes you unique is the thing you need to value and state all the time.

It’s that slight edge and minor differentiator that allows people to go,

“Gosh, these two people are a lot alike, they’re teaching something very similar, but I really like this person because that particular thing they do is just what I’ve been looking for!”

For much more related to this topic, including additional personal anecdotes and examples for questions above — including how I eventually bridged public perception with reality — check out the Build Your Tribe episode below:

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