How To Sell on Instagram, 2021

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Many of us entrepreneurs have this misconception in 2021 that all you have to do is open up an Instagram account, build a big following, maybe have a Reel go viral, and then start to sell.

The Misconception To Sell on Instagram in 2021 is going Viral

But that’s not really how it works.

And because many are confronted with this cold hard truth, the prevailing wisdom is often,

“I need to…

  • sell more!”
  • talk about my products more!”
  • have a flash sale every other weekend to drive more eyeballs to my website!”

However, the opposite is what’s (mostly) true.

So, how does one sell on Instagram (and almost any social media platform) in 2021?

Think of your social media as your own personal TV show.

You might be a:

  • YouTuber who wants more subscribers
  • TikToker who wants more shares
  • Instagrammer who’s trying to get more likes and followers
  • Podcaster who’s trying to get more listeners

However you slice it, ultimately, what you’re after is obtaining attention. And that’s why I want you to think of your IG like a TV show.

Would you watch a TV show that had commercials playing even 40% of the time? Probably not.

FYI: There are about 15 minutes of designated time for commercials in a single 1-hour TV show. So, 25% of the watch time is dedicated to ads — and that is already pushing it for most viewers.

I mean, there’s a reason so many people are leaving network/cable TV and going to streaming services where there are hardly ever advertisements.

Simply put, we don’t want to give our precious attention to a constant sale. We stay tuned in to the things we really like to watch.

The things that:

  • educate us
  • inspire us
  • captivate us
  • entertain us
  • motivate us

Hence, any and all ways value is provided to the viewer.

When You Constantly Sell on Instagram You Lose Attention of Viewer in 2021

Which is why, if you think about your Instagram as if it were a TV show, it’s quite obvious the ratio of selling to non-selling you should consider.

In fact, you want to make the ads as minimal as possible because the more you sell, the less sales you will make.

And the reason for that is…

You will lose people’s attention. And when you lose people’s attention, they’re not going to buy. Worse yet, they’re very likely to stop engaging with your content altogether.

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