Ideas for Reels for Business (That Don’t Involve Dancing, Lip Syncing or Trends)

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Everyone is looking for new ideas for types of Reels (Instagram) to incorporate into their brand or business. And let’s face it, there’s a strong percentage of creators/business owners out there who loathe anything that resembles:

  • dancing
  • lip syncing
  • hopping on the newest trend

So, if you 1) need inspiration for your Reels and/or 2) have no intention of ever busting a move, then you truly have come to the right blog.

Ideas Reels for Business No Dance
Preamble: The following ideas aren’t necessarily recommendations of things that you have to do or that would even be super beneficial for all businesses and brands.

That said, I think they’ll prove incredibly helpful if you feel…

  • stuck
  • bored
  • stifled

…with the Reels you’re seeing or making on Instagram.

Idea 1: Overhead sketchbook style Reels.

Basically, this sort of Reel is just a recording of yourself writing on a piece of paper, sketchbook or notebook. But the POV (point of view) is the actual writing on the paper. Got it?

Now, you don’t need to be a professional artist; you don’t even have to have amazing penmanship to do this.

Pro tip: While it’s not necessary, it’s useful to have an overhead tripod for this genre.

Check out @thestevenmellor to see examples of this style.

Reels Ideas Business Overhead Sketch

Idea 2: Direct-to-camera educational style Reels. 

Because this kind of Reel offers straight up education value — just like you would find on YouTube — there’s no need to get fancy, add any transitions or loops or trending music.

Sure, do that stuff if you want. Although, I’d suggest to lose the entertainment/frills aspect and just focus purely on the education.

Check out @bonusfootage to see examples of this style.

Direct to Camera Education Reels Ideas for Business.

Idea 3: Animation style Reels. 

Whether or not you’re not an animator is irrelevant. You can hire one on any freelancer site!

Regardless, this is a great way to do skits and provide funny, inspirational and/or educational content — without ever showing your face (if that’s a thing for you).

Check out @coolman_coffeedan to see examples of this style.

Animation Style Reels Ideas for Business

Idea 4: Skit Reels.

I do this often. Playing characters, throwing on a wig or specific costume, etc. However, you don’t have to play dress up or even “get into character.”

Simply, write a script that communicates a story — serving your audience and brand — and just be YOU.

Check out @thisisvirginiakerr to see examples of this style.

Skits Reels Ideas for Business

For FIVE additional ideas you seriously can’t miss, check out the episode of Build Your Tribe below:

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