Importance of a Good Website for Business

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One big misconception — that in order to make online income and have a thriving business — is the importance of building your own good website. Well, you don’t.

In fact, building an e-commerce website is often just a distraction from the real work that you need to do, which is making money online.

But there still does come a point at which it’s a good idea, and it’s way more affordable and less complicated than you might think.

Importance of a Good Website for Business and Creating One is Easier than you Think

The Importance of Having a Good Website For Business Is Primarily To Establish Credibility.

Now, every expert will tell you that you must have a website in order to capture leads or for other types of services. But, depending where you are on your biz journey, you might not yet consider yourself a full-fledged business.

Maybe you’re:

  • Making a little bit of online income
  • Gaining the momentum behind your side hustle
  • Establishing your social media presence

However, it’s never too early to reserve your own domain name and build a website as it’s the #1 marketing asset you have in a digital economy.

Americans spend over 23 hours online per week and, not to mention, we are on our mobile devices up to five hours a day. Isn’t that crazy?

So, by now, consumers expect companies and businesses of almost any size to have some kind of online presence. Whether you’re…

  • Reselling
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Starting a blog
  • Podcasting
  • Offering your services as an expert

…you need an online presence — aside from social media.

A Business of almost Any Size Must understand the Importance of Having a Website for it Builds Online Presence

75% of people say that they judge a person’s credibility based on their website. How’s that for importance?

Hence, when you have a website, the trust factor goes up.

But what does your website need?

This is really simple. All it needs to do is tell us:

  • Who you are
  • What problem it is you solve
  • How we can contact you
  • What it is you offer

See, by establishing the credibility of having your own website to send people, you will improve the likelihood of making online income.

Now, the importance of your domain is right up there, too! For my recommendation on domain names and how to go about picking the right one, then you’ll definitely need to hear the Build Your Tribe episode below:

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