Instagram Swipe-Up Change (For The Better?)

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If this blog popped up for you in a Google search, then you no doubt already know Instagram got rid of the Swipe-Up feature.

Instagram Got Rid of Swipe Up Feature

The swipe-up feature

This particular tool gave users — with more than 10,000 followers — the ability to add a link to their Instagram stories; allowing viewers to swipe up and be taken directly to a custom URL.

So, what’s the change? What is Instagram replacing this feature with?

Link sticker!

Now, this new feature might initially be problematic because:

  • people won’t be used to it
  • there will be glitches (some will still have the swipe-up, others will have the sticker but it won’t be tappable)
  • learning curve issues (“it’s so confusing!”)

All that said, I actually think that the link sticker is going to be much more effective than the swipe-up — in the long run.


If you think about it, most of our use of Instagram involves tapping on things. We tap to:

  • like
  • share
  • save
  • move forward and backward on stories (and do almost anything on stories, really)

Instagram Replaces Swipe Up with Tappable Sticker

We’ve only become accustomed to swiping up on stories because that’s how the feature was designed.

But I think a clickable link sticker is going to end up being much more native and fit better into the general flow of Instagram.

Don’t quote me on this, but my guess is that, eventually (and in the not-too-distant future), this new link will actually help conversion rates.

I know the BIG question running through your head,

“Is this sticker going to be available for accounts that have less than 10,000 followers?!”

Well, it’s not exactly clear. There have been many reports that it will be available for accounts under 10k. But, from all that I have gathered from Instagram’s announcement (and prior history), it looks like… 

this new clickable sticker is still going to be a feature that’s only available to those who have more than 10,000 followers.

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