Is TikTok or Instagram Better for Business and Views?

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With so many creators making a living producing content on both TikTok and Instagram— which should you focus on for your business? Or what about for views, in general?

Today’s blog is dedicated to the potential of making money on both of these platforms. In other words, how to monetize / make sales / generate income with Instagram versus TikTok.

Focus on Instagram or TikTok for View or Business

Is TikTok or Instagram Better for Business and Views?

Let’s start with a statistic…

Karat Financial did some research into how much a follower is worth. They determined their numbers by calculating the aggregate income data of creators (categorized by their chosen social media platform) and then divided by their follower count on that platform.

  • Instagram: one follower is worth 77 cents. 
  • TikTok: one follower is worth 7 cents. 
That shows us that Instagram followers are 10 times plus more valuable than TikTok followers — and this is based purely off of income. 


Well, on Instagram people:

  • sell stuff
  • promote on Stories
  • click links in bios
  • have new features to constantly check out
  • peruse the shopping page

Not to mention…

The direct message!

DMs are, in my opinion, the most crucial feature on all social media for making sales!

Is TikTok or Instagram Better for Business and Views Direct Message DM

The direct messages are where you:

  • have one-on-one conversations
  • build trust in relationships
  • increase engagement 

And many studies have proven that all the above are absolutely integral ingredients for making sales.

Relevant anecdote: Most creators would agree that the best platform for direct messages is Instagram. 

But which platform are you (generally and usually) able to get more views on?

On TikTok, your first-ever video could go viral and get millions of views. Simply put, the TikTok algorithm prioritizes good content. 

Hence, if people are engaging with your content, TikTok will show it to more people — especially if users are watching the full video.

And so in that sense, TikTok doesn’t care if you’ve:

  • been on the platform a year or a minute
  • posted a million TikToks or only one 
  • got no bio, no profile, no followers, no other videos

TikTok just cares about your content and how people are responding to it. 

Better for Business and Views Direct Message DM Engaging Responding Content

Meaning — it’s easier to build an audience on TikTok, for sure!

However, Instagram Reels builds on itself!

For much more on that, plus:

  • The value of sharing on BOTH Instagram and TikTok
  • Why Instagram prefers consistency and niche

Then, you must check out this episode of Build Your Tribe:

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