Lifer Update | Sometimes Life Can Be A Downer

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Sometimes life hands us a series of unfortunate events that test our grit. You know those days when the universe seems to conspire against you, ensuring that if something can go wrong, it will? That’s a page out of my life today. The champagne spills, the tough goodbyes, the unfair criticisms—they’re all chapters in my storybook of “one of those days.” It’s in these unfiltered moments of chaos that the true colors of life show—not always vibrant, but always real.

The Unspoken Bond of Aging Pets

My morning began with the heartache of seeing my beloved dog, Monkey, struggle with the woes of old age. At 14, she’s a cherished family member, and her decline is a poignant reminder of the cycle of life. It’s in these quiet, somber moments with her that I’m reminded of:

  • The unconditional love of a pet
  • The dignity they deserve in their twilight years
  • The painful yet necessary decisions of pet ownership

I had to navigate the emotional turmoil of deciding what was best for Monkey, which led to the ultimate act of love and compassion—saying goodbye.

Handling Public Scrutiny with Grace

Amidst the personal turmoil at home, public life doesn’t pause. Receiving an unwarranted critique about a Patreon podcast episode left me grappling with online negativity. 

Here’s a glimpse into the messiness of public opinion and the sting of being misunderstood:

  • Navigating the breach of privacy on social platforms
  • Choosing to respond to criticism with poise rather than engagement
  • Maintaining authenticity in the face of misrepresentation

Criticism, when it’s constructive, can be a powerful tool for growth. But when it’s baseless, it challenges your resilience. It’s a dance of knowing when to step forward and when to step away.

Dementia’s Harsh Reality

As my day progressed, I faced the painful reminder of my father-in-law Bob’s battle with Alzheimer’s. Witnessing his dignity ebb in the face of this relentless disease brought forth a myriad of emotions and thoughts on elder care:

  • The complex emotions involved in caring for a loved one with dementia
  • The ethical considerations of life quality versus longevity
  • The personal and familial toll of Alzheimer’s care

Confronting these issues doesn’t come with a manual. It’s a path paved with love, sacrifice, and the sobering confrontations with mortality.

Chalene Johnson life can be a downer quote - low moments

Finding Solace in Self-Care

In search of solace, my husband Bret and I decided to indulge in a momentary escape with pedicures—an act of self-care amidst the chaos. This simple gesture was a reminder to take a breath and cherish the small comforts of life.

The Bittersweet Symphony of Life

The day’s events seemed to culminate in a clumsy mishap—a spilled glass of champagne over my work area. But even as I watched the bubbles fizzle out on my desk, I was compelled to reflect on the lesson it mirrored: life’s messy, unexpected, and sometimes a little sticky, but always worth the sip.

Chalene Johnson life can be a downer quote - hard days

Wrapping Up with Gratitude and Hope

As I draw the curtains on today’s tumult, I turn to you, my readers, and invite you to:

Harnessing Inner Strength

It’s through sharing these slices of life—the raw, unpolished truth—that I find strength. I want to encourage you to tap into your resilience, lean into the discomfort, and emerge with a heart fortified by experiences. Remember, even on days when life seems to tip the bottle and let the champagne pour out, there’s always a reason to toast to the morrow.


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