Snapshot | The Most Dangerous Prayer You Can Pray

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Just like a black cat crossing one’s path, shattering a mirror, or walking under a ladder… millions of people stick to the belief that Friday the 13th, TODAY, brings bad luck. While we don’t know for sure exactly when this tradition started, it is – in its own way – a certain kind of faith for many. Let’s turn any negativity you might associate with today’s superstitious holiday upside down and lead off this week’s Snapshot with a healthy dose of spirituality! You know, the kind of faith that does your body, mind, and soul good! In addition, I’m excited to share with you a few health chats (how diet affects acne & how to stop thinking about losing weight) and we’re going to finish things off where we started… with a touch of the spiritual: how to get a calm mind. Now, before someone spills some salt around here, let’s bring this to church!


Personal Development Chat – The Most Dangerous Prayer You Can Pray | Featuring, Brock Johnson

Are you looking to take your life to the next level? Wishing for major change? Well, spirituality, whatever that means to you, just might be THE missing ingredient you didn’t know you were looking for. At the end of the day, it gives you meaning for an ultimate (outside of you) purpose. Which, by definition, fills you with gratitude. And there is no true success in life without a grateful heart.

When you trust there is more at play than what your eyes can see, amazing things will happen. And you’re never too young or old to begin holding such convictions. The following chat, by my son, Brock Johnson, is a prime example. Still in college, he has held firmly in the power of prayer. One, specifically, that is often cited as the most dangerous of all in scripture. Because of its resonance, I’m featuring – for the first time ever – a clip from someone else’s Snap! I’m confident you’ll see why…

As I’ve mentioned countless times before, my mission in this life – first and foremost- is to serve God. By doing so, I serve you. Look, if you’re feeling a sense of lack in your religious / spiritual daily life, it would behoove you to pick up a set of SmartLife PUSH Journals. They were created to get your WHOLE life right, and one of the main areas of focus is spirituality. You owe it to yourself and those who love you to be your best!

Oh, and if you’d like to follow Brock on Snapchat for daily awesomeness – from social media tips to inspiration to funny dancing – you can do that HERE!


Health Chat – How Diet Affects Acne

When you visit your dermatologist for whatever skin issue you’re having, she is almost guaranteed to treat the symptom (e.g., acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, etc.). This will usually result in a prescription for an ointment and/or pill. Then off you go on your merry way! And sure, your problem might be solved temporarily — but, unfortunately, not for long.

Why? Because your symptom was never the actual the problem, ladies! And while it makes sense that your diet might be the culprit (especially as skin is the body’s largest organ), it’s much more than that. Let me elaborate in the following clip, so you can get your face glowing in no time!

Listen, when you go through The 131 Method, you acquire knowledge in a ton of areas – including how to get your skin looking fresh and clear! As the video above attests, it all starts from the inside. And no program out there gives you the tools to guarantee your overall good health like 131! Sign up NOW! Next cycle begins in just a few short days on Monday, the 16th!


Health Chat – How To Not Always Think About Dieting

Please, Lifers, for the love of all things good and holy, can we finally get past diets whose claim to fame are detoxes and cleanses?! They’re legit a bunch of silly fads that do more harm than good. And while it may not be the end of the world if you drink your body weight in liquid broccolini, it’s not going to give you the results you want. Not to mention, it won’t flush out the bad any quicker than eating, you know, the real thing.

Good news: There’s a secret way your body actually does cleanse itself. But, trust me, it won’t be a secret for long. Consider this your inside scoop of the week! Or month!

Cue: Autophagy. It’s an internal process (destruction of cells) which promotes longevity. In other words, you live longer! Basically, it’s your body’s instinctual way of cleaning house.

And – this is so freakin’ cool – there is a simple solution which enables you to teach your body how to do this. Become its very own trash compactor, if you will. When this happens, you simply stop thinking about dieting. Forever. But how do you increase your body’s ability to rid of its own trash? Hit that play and find out!

Alright, alright (she says her in her best Matthew McConaughey voice), it’d be silly of me not to mention the 131 Method once more! The ENTIRE program is based on what said video’s ultimate message is… (spoiler alert) DIET PHASING. We at 131 are ushering in this revolutionary philosophy that is already changing thousands and thousands of lives. Did you sign up yet! Like, what are you waiting for!?


Personal Development Chat – How To Get A Calm Mind

Let’s bookend this week’s Snapshot with spirituality. I mean, who couldn’t use more calm in their lives, right? As of late, research is starting to show that people crave calmness in their lives more than happiness. Considering we carry around computers in our purses now, this makes sense. The challenge is then finding some peace when there are notifications alerting us every which way we turn, look, and breathe!

Due to the fact that the majority of us don’t get a “time out” during the average day, stress levels eventually sneak up and grab their hold as the week unfolds. So, for tips on getting calm – including, my fave FREE meditation app – make sure you watch this next vid:

Here’s hoping you feel a good mix of balance and inspiration after reading your Snapshot this week!

Did you have a favorite chat? I was excited to see lots of comments coming in for last week’s blog. Can we do it again!?

Wishing you a weekend full of nothing but the best luck in the world! YOU. DESERVE. IT.





9 responses to “Snapshot | The Most Dangerous Prayer You Can Pray”

  1. If parents could pass along the diet/acne connection to their kids, teens everywhere could be spared the 4+ embarrassing years of blemishes and all-out acne! Such a good message.

  2. Wow! What a wonderful testimony! Thanks for sharing your faith, Chalene, through sharing about Brock’s. I love the work God can do when we let go and let Him use us and the unique talents and giftings He’s already given us. You should be so proud of your son. (I know you already are) Thanks for sharing this!! 🙂

  3. Hi Chalene! I LOVE when you share spiritual beings. I have followed you and your workouts for probably around 12 years (since original turbo jam!) and it has helped me a lot through my job (modeling). But I never knew if you were a Chrisitjan or not until recently when reading these blogs. I feel even more so that I want to follow in your footsteps now because sharing that side of your life brings such positivity and light . It helps more than any exercise could. And your son shared this so so well. So thank you for putting it out there and letting people see this side, because we all need guidance here just as well. Your happy spirit does it in such an awesome manner that reaches all in a non-preachy way. Jesus has changed my life and I’m so happy to hear he has changed your’s!
    Maria Montgomery

  4. Great message from Brock, prayer didn’t sound so scary after all. Praying for this to happen, Use me in your plan, God.

  5. Great message from Brock, prayer didn’t sound so scary after all. Praying for this to happen, Use me in your plan, God.

  6. Chalene,

    I can only imagine how proud you must be proud of your son. I remember seeing pictures of him and your daughter, as well as video clips at the end of your workout videos. It blesses me to see how he has grown and desires to serve God!

    I rejoice with you and Brett; he obviously received the spiritual and life lessons from you guys. It’s just wonderful to hear the compassion he has for others and that he recognizes his blessings come from the Lord through the two of you. Yes, I remember hearing the “dangerous prayer” in more than one sermon. As Isaiah said, here I am Lord send me. I’m definitely going to share this video with other mothers with children.

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