The Most Important Thing A Parent Can Teach A Child

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The most important thing a parent needs to remember is they’re raising an adult. When Bret and I had our kids, Brock and Cierra, we wanted to make sure they were self-sufficient, kind, and confident in a way where they didn’t come off as boastful or arrogant.

We constantly said our job was to prepare our children to handle situations on their own.

A Parent Must Teach Their Kids How To Handle Situations On Their Own

Which leads me to what I feel is the most crucial element a parent can teach a child. And that is… 

How to be resourceful!

One key ingredient in doing that is by getting your child to believe in themselves.

Cool, Chalene, but how does a parent do that?

You make the kiddos solve their own problems. I know it’s in your heart as a parent to want to make things as easy as possible for your little one. But if you’re figuring everything out for them, you’re only doing a disservice.

Let’s take money, for example. My husband and I wanted drill into our kids from an early age how to:

  • Manage money
  • Save money
  • Make money
  • Come up with money when you’re in a pinch
See, the only way you do all the above is by actually having your children experience it; not by telling them how / what to do.
A Parent Should Teach Their Kid About Money By Experiencing It For Themselves

We also taught our kids how to:

  • Be organized
  • Create a daily schedule
  • Clean their rooms and keep things decluttered

Now, you must communicate WHY you’re have them do these things. It can’t be because, “we’re mom and dad and these are our rules!

Show and help them to understand why completing such tasks, as noted above, will be a benefit to them. Like, how much easier it will be to sleep when a to-do list is made (the night before) for the next morning!

And yet, as a parent, guide them to know they always have their own voice.

While Bret and I always had the last say, we wanted our children to bring ideas to the table… never feeling as if they couldn’t ask questions (or feel intimidated to share). 

Always give them options,

If you want to do this one, here are possible results you can expect from that decision.

Practice laying out the consequences for your child. Let them decide but also help them understand,

You’re going to have to deal with the choices you’ve made. Mom and dad aren’t mopping it up.

This way, they’ll eventually learn to trust whatever conclusion they’ve made. Hence, they’re practicing resourcefulness!

A Parent Should Teach A Child How To Decide Things On Their Own

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