The Only Thing Certain In Uncertain Times Is Not Uncertainty, But…

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You’ll often hear many people repeating the adage that the only thing certain in uncertain times is uncertainty. Or — perhaps even more common — the only thing certain in life is death and taxes. Or change.

Well, I’m not going to argue with the literal truth of those statements. However, I’d like to propose another general truth about what is certain when times are uncertain. One that takes on a positive spin…


What Is Certain During Uncertain Times Is that There's Room for Opportunity

During these days of COVID-19 (AKA Coronavirus) we’re not just living through days of uncertainty.

[Because, let’s be honest, since the day you were born nothing has ever been guaranteed. True gratitude comes when we wake in the morning and feel so very blessed God granted us another moment on earth. Whether there’s a worldwide pandemic or not.]

What we are living through, though, is definitely unprecedented.

But there is still opportunity, people!

Sure, we want answers. We want to know when:

  • We can go back to the office?
  • Will life be normal again?
  • Are the kids going to be able to be dropped off at school?
  • Will my favorite restaurant / coffee shop / movie theater open for biz?
When you Pay Attention to History You Know That Opportunity Is Certain For Recovery Mode

And while we don’t know the answers to these questions, if you pay attention to history and economics, in general (and not just social media), you’ll have a strong sense of how to position yourself for opportunity in the recovery!

By the way, that’s another thing that is certain… we will recover. Are you positioned for recovery mode?

To be clear, even though I began by illustrating I want to take a positive spin on the old adage this blog is based on, I’m definitely over all the rainbows and unicorns. All the people on social media, who mean very well, of course, who are touting affirmations like:

  • “Everybody needs to have a higher vibration right now!”
  • “Focus on all the blessings and we’ll get through this!”
  • “It’s all about mindset these days, so meditate and get centered!”

Look, all those things count, but let’s get real. The whole world has had major struggles these last few weeks. Millions and millions are now out of work (unemployment rates are reaching record numbers) — with no prospects in sight for an indefinite amount of time. So yeah, it’s just not realistic to say meditation, faith, and good vibes are the only answer.

It's Certain That You'll Need More Than Meditation To Get Through Unprecedented Times

You need to know how to move ahead and look for the opportunity in the reestablishment of society.

Ask yourself, “How can I serve deeper?”

I ask myself that question always, but especially right now. It’s consuming me. And one of the main ways I’m trying to serve is via my podcasts! If you’re looking for ideas on how how to best plan for opportunity when the uncertainty wanes, make sure you’re subscribed to Build Your Tribe. 

To get you started, check out the episode below! It’s taken from a Live recording where I got raw, honest and candid with examples of worst-case scenarios — for you, your employer, family, friends, businesses, neighbors and the country — during this unprecedented time in all of our lives. It’s a must listen if you’re looking for real-talk in figuring out your next move!


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