Podcast – How I Cope with ADD and Use it as a Superpower

While I’ve covered the topic of ADD in past episodes — including, how I was diagnosed as an adult — today’s show features a surprisingly uplifting approach. You’ll hear my personal strategies for thriving (not just coping) in my daily work routine!


You’ll find out:

  • The experiences which led me to having a brain scan (for adult ADD)
  • How / why seeing my brain scan was a revelatory moment for me
  • Why I recommend to get your brain scanned
  • The importance of recognizing that ADD has nothing to do with intelligence
  • Why I suggest to become an entrepreneur if you have ADD
  • The kind of ADD I have and how it affects me
  • Why proper sleep is essential always and can never be underestimated  especially when you have ADD
  • The power of writing things down and having a physical notebook (not a phone!) to do so
  • Why — if you have ADD — you need to help people in your life get the best out of you
  • How to safeguard your attention and focus when you have ADD
  • How Bret communicates with me (keeping my ADD in mind)




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