Brain Scans Reveal ADHD Differences

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“What is wrong with my brain?” is something I used to wonder all my life — since I was a child.

I was often incorporating so many special coping techniques just to be able to:

  • Remember what somebody was saying to me
  • Stay focused
  • Retain things
  • Think through things

Brain Scans Can Determine Why You Forget So Much due to ADHD

People would look at me skeptically and say,

“You just asked me that question and I just told you the answer!”

And I always thought,

“Am I stupid? Do I not have a memory?”

I really assumed that there was, indeed, something wrong with my brain.

Once I got the ADHD diagnosis — after my brain scan — I realized,

“Oh, my brain is not getting blood flow in these certain areas!”

It was a freaking miracle to learn my ADHD diagnosis. But even more miraculous (to me) was that these scans were able to discern what type of ADHD I had.

That’s why my main tip beyond all tips — if you think you might have ADHD — is to invest in these types of brains scans.

A general diagnosis from a doctor (without said scans) is usually based on symptom checklists and attention-span tests. And sure, that’s all well and good.

But having your brain scanned is the best money you’ll ever spend! Why?

Because there are seven different types of ADD and this particular test will figure out which you have. And trust me, it makes all the difference.

Many people try to treat ADHD with medication and there are certainly success stories. That said, some forms of ADHD are exacerbated with medication solely because there are so many nuances with the condition.

Yet, another reason it’s imperative to know WHICH type you have.

Let’s be frank, this is your brain we’re talking about here. There’s no other organ in our body where doctors will provide a diagnosis mostly based on an interview and some basic tests.

“Let me just ask you a few questions and we’ll decide if, in fact, you have heart disease.” Ummm, no. 

So, why don’t we look at the brain, though?

We can and we absolutely should! Especially those of you who:

  • Have been struggling
  • Don’t feel like your medication is working
  • Understand how important brain health is

Brains Need to Be Thought of like Any other Organ Which is Why Scans Are Necessary Diagnose ADHD

Side-note: I know that these brain scans may not be in the deck of cards for everybody financially. However, it’s interesting the things that we’ll spend money on and the things that we won’t spend money on.

I just can’t think of a more crucial organ than your brain.

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