Why Use Captions on Instagram and Facebook Video

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Being as Instagram is accessed almost exclusively via mobile — and, not to mention, 96% of Facebook, too — you need to use captions in your videos.

Captions Are Important for Instagam and Facebook Video to Boost Engagement

Some stats to consider:

  • Instagram videos attract nearly three times more engagement (total clicks) than an image
  • People comment on videos at a higher rate
  • Videos, with captions, tend to be re-watched and have a 12% increase of viewership (vs videos with no captions)
  • 92% view videos with the sound off on mobile

We’re always on our phone, right? Under the conference desk at a meeting, at the dinner table, at the gym in between sets. And yeah, as the above statistic confirms, we do all of these things on mute.

So, if it isn’t already super apparent… it’s really important that you’re using captions on your social media video posts (and/or callouts).

What Are Captions and Callouts, Exactly?

A caption is typically a transcript of what you’re saying in the video. But there are certain words you may want the viewer to pay attention to, specifically.

Cue: Callouts

Because the average viewer is just glancing at a video, you’ve got maybe 3 seconds to capture their attention. And very few people want to read word for word what you’re saying (i.e., captions). So, you’ve got to pop those moving key words / phrases onscreen. And THAT would be your callouts.

Callouts are Great When You Want to Highlight Key Points VS Captions which serve as a Transcript

Remember, captions and/or callouts on your video are essential because people are watching on silent. In fact, 80% of social media users say that they have a negative response to a brand if — when a video starts playing — it’s loud and unexpected. 

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram are all working on creating enhanced automated captions for videos, but do you really want an automated caption?

Automated versions are usually going to misdiagnose what it is they think you’re saying.

Don’t be lazy about this! Use pop-ups / callouts and captions in your videos, people!

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