Why Use Twitter Fleets (Stories)

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About a month ago, Twitter released their version of Stories — which they are calling Fleets. Just like Stories on most other platforms, Fleets are:

  • At the top of the home page
  • Displayed as little tiny bubbles that update chronologically
  • Based off of who you engage with / follow
  • Available for 24 hours

Snapchat went viral back when they introduced Stories and, for a time, was doing really well because of this amazing feature. Then Instagram was like,

“Well, we can’t buy Snapchat. They’re not selling to us, so we’ll create our own version of Instagram Stories.”

From there, gradually, almost every social media platform jumped on the Stories train:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn

Almost Every Social Media Platform Has Stories and Now Twitter has Fleets

Even Match.com has stories. Yeah, you read that right!

So, it’s not exactly a huge reveal that Twitter now has Fleets.

And it’s also not entirely surprising that Twitter was met with extreme backlash for their version of Stories. Twitter users got vicious about the “new” feature — which may or may not be common on that platform (but I digress).

But, newsflash: When Instagram released stories, everyone hated them. When Instagram released video, everyone hated it.


Any time any social media makes a big change / adds a new piece of content… it inevitably gets big push back. Why?

Because it’s change, it’s different, it’s new. We don’t like it that much. Over time we get used to it, though.

Important tip: Whoever learns to capitalize and use whatever new feature on whatever platform first, will win in the long run.

Using Twitter Fleets Will Benefit You in the Long Run

Therefore, if you are indeed a regular on Twitter, I would highly recommend to jump on Fleets! Use them just like Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories or YouTube Stories.

It would definitely serve you (and your audience) to use Twitter Fleets as part of your new content strategy because it’s just another way to engage with and connect with your followers.

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