Coping with A Loved One Who Has ADD or ADHD, with Bret Johnson

Does it sometimes feel like you’re speaking different languages with your ADHD partner? Bret and I peeled back the layers of our life together to dive into the complexities of being in a relationship with a loved one who has ADHD.

Yup, I’m talking about me. We’re sharing invaluable insights and real-world strategies to help you navigate love, patience, and the ever-changing landscape of an ADHD partnership.

Learning the Art of Patience with a Loved One Who Has ADD

Bret emphasizes a super-important skill: next-level patience. Living with someone who has ADHD means you might be repeating yourself. A lot. Instead of taking it personally, realize it’s the ADHD brain’s unique way of processing. Learning to accept this helps you approach situations with empathy rather than frustration.

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The Unseen Workings of an ADHD Brain

Bret opened up about the importance of giving me room to daydream, or what he calls “allowing spacetime.” Daydreaming is more than zoning out; it’s like hitting the reset button for my brain. It helps me find tranquility amidst the whirlpool of thoughts and feelings that come with ADHD.

Everyday Tips to Simplify Communication

If you’ve got a partner with ADHD, you’ll know communication can sometimes feel like a minefield. Here’s a few hacks we’ve found helpful:

  • Don’t Overload Them: Give just the essentials. Too many details can overwhelm an ADHD brain.
  • Strategic Time-Management: A little white lie about time can be useful since I tend to run late.
  • Eliminate Distractions: The fewer distractions when we’re talking, the better I can focus.
  • Be the Keeper of Important Docs: Let’s face it, misplacing things is a common ADHD trait.

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Why Timing Matters in Conversations with ADHD Individuals

Timing is crucial. Bret has learned to pick up on the times of the day when I’m most receptive and alert. Every ADHD individual has periods where their focus is sharper. Knowing and respecting this is a game-changer in our interactions.

The Joy and Challenge of a Dynamic Relationship

Despite the rollercoaster ride that comes with my ADHD, Bret finds it exhilarating. He loves that I bring spontaneity into our lives and mentioned he wouldn’t change a thing about me. Now that we know how my brain is wired, it has positively shifted our coping strategies.

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Getting a Grip on ADHD’s Effect on Our Marriage

Both of us agreed that understanding ADHD changed the dynamics of our relationship. I’ve integrated habits into my daily routine to sharpen my focus, and Bret has become more patient and empathetic. Knowing how ADHD still plays a role in our marriage has prepared us better for the ride.

Lasting Wisdom and Resources for Coping

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So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the quirks, learn the hacks, and revel in the joyful unpredictability of a life shared with someone who has ADHD.

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