Podcast – Coping with A Loved One Who Has ADD or ADHD, with Bret Johnson

Do you have a loved one who has ADD or ADHD? If so, you’re in the right place! My husband, Bret, opens up about how to cope when someone important in your life (like me!) is diagnosed with this disorder. He’ll cover many topics, including: how to be patient, how an ADD brain works, and different hacks he implements — which have proven quite helpful in our marriage! This is a CAN’T MISS episode if you know someone with ADD or ADHD! 


Other tips you’ll learn for those living with someone who has ADD / ADHD:

  • Accepting why you have to repeat yourself
  • What you CAN’T do when communicating
  • Why you must respect and learn the optimum times of the day they — with ADD operate
  • Why it’s healthy to lie (re: time)
  • Why you shouldn’t be detail-oriented
  • How to prepare for watching something together (eg., documentary, TV show, speaker, etc.)
  • Be on top of items misplaced
  • The importance of saying, “finish your thought”
  • Why you must be in charge of keeping important documents in a private spot
  • Why, ultimately, your relationship can be fun


  • My personal statement at the beginning of the episode (re: understanding my ADD and its impact)
  • How ADD still affects our marriage
  • Ending with my (startled) feelings on Bret’s thoughts



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