Why Dreams Are Important In Our Lives

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Dreams. Think about the dreams you’ve already made possible today. You know, like, what in your life today wasn’t a reality, say, five years ago? 10 years ago? 20 years ago? Maybe it’s something you currently take for granted. For instance, getting married, having children, graduating college, or traveling outside of the country, etc. Whatever it is today that once was in your basket of hopes and dreams… recognize that there was a period of time in your life when it didn’t exist. It literally wasn’t a thing other than a seemingly faraway dream.

That should be legit proof that you can make dreams possible.

And listen, while you must be grateful for all you’ve achieved, please continue to believe (with childlike faith) that something bigger and better is always possible.

Believing Things Can Be Better Is Important To Our Dreams

And I want you to think of that “bigger and better” as a dream because, sometimes, if we make it a goal, it feels daring. Too big and far off.

You must give yourself the space and the time to dream TODAY!

Start by thinking about what…

  • Brings you passion
  • Would be the coolest career in the world
  • Location you would choose to live
  • Car you’d kill to drive
  • Your physique looks like
  • Mood defines your days
  • Relationships embody strength

The way you do this is by carving out time to daydream. I, personally, like to do this solo while moving.

Walking, riding a bike, and/or hiking in nature… simply gives you the time to daydream. Again, do this alone and think, think, think. But don’t force any thoughts! And please don’t go on social media! The only reason why you might need to open up an app is to record a voice memo – if you start having some complete thoughts. That said, all notifications on your phone should be shut off.

Make Your Dreams Come True By Disconnecting

To fully understand dreams (vs goals), let me get personal for a moment…

My dream right now is to totally change the way people define health. Completely change it. And I’m talking on a global scale. That’s how big this dream is. I want people to realize how silly it is that we define health by weight or body fat. The ultimate fantasy (for me) is that people feel good. Waking up pain free every day!

It’s so important to me that I help people have an open mind to the fact that we’re learning more about the body all the time. That there are places or people or programs – like 131 Method – to help simplify the science and the process. To create a legacy for families where we eradicate diabetes and cancer and autoimmune diseases. It’s truly possible. I know it is. And that’s my dream.

Back to you…

Don’t worry about the deadline.

See, goals need a deadline. We know that. But I’m not talking about creating goals. I’m asking you to create a dream. End-dates don’t matter, at this point. Let your thoughts run wild, ruminate, and become a dream. And then, piece by piece, you can pull it back into goals. As each piece takes shape, you build out more pieces.

What Can You Do Today?

Give yourself a minimum of 20 minutes to truly have nothing else you have to do. Put your phone on do not disturb. Go somewhere quiet or put on noise cancelling headphones. Whatever it takes. And just daydream without feeling guilty! Make it really freaking big, way bigger than the amazing things that are already happening in your life. Once you’ve completed this little exercise…

Daydream About Your Dreams

… what should you physically do to ensure your dreams become a reality?

Well, you’re going to have to listen to my hot/new/trending podcast on this very subject to find out!

Included, you’ll also hear super personal anecdotes that will help flesh out the subject for you, like:

  • My dad’s truth bomb which got me to think outside the box and understand the concept of dreaming big
  • How my current dream is even bigger than stated above

Listen NOW to How To Stop Selling Yourself Short and let’s make your dreams come true!


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