These Parents Have Me Outraged

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The Only Wine That Doesn’t Give Me A Hangover

While there are enough conflicting statistics on wine to make your head spin (e.g., how many glasses a night are okay, is red wine better for you than white, etc.), one thing remains objectively true…

The FDA is required to follow their strict labeling regulations on bottles of wine containing less than 7% alcohol by volume (ABV).

But, guess what?

Ain’t nobody drinking that!

The average ABV for the bottle of wine you’re picking up at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods or wherever is 11.6%!

And considering the US is the biggest global wine consumer… that’s a lot of peeps drinking Lord knows what in their vino.

Which is ONE of the reasons I barely drink the stuff. Another reason, for me, is that I always get hangovers from wine. I’m talking just from one glass! #lightweight

Well, that’s all come to an end since I was recently introduced to a new company! They list all their ingredients and I never get a hangover anymore. What the what?!

And it’s freakin’ delicious! So, if you’re into wine or know someone who is, then you NEED to check out this clip from my IG Stories this past week…


I’m guessing you’d LOVE to have healthy / hangover-free wine, too! Don’t worry, boo. You know I got you. GO HERE and get your penny bottle! For reals.


These Parents Have Me Outraged

How often do you hear the word offended in 2019? All the freakin’ time, right? Social Media has brought us so many gifts, but with that comes many challenges. One of those, it seems to me, is how gosh darn offended people get over the most harmless things. It’s become a sort of new religion…

The Let’s See What I Can React To Today That Is Super Offend-able Faith

And it’s almost always over such silly things!

That said, what you are about to watch is not such an example. Something keeps happening on social that has me furious and, honestly, is grossly unjust. Listen, the time has come to finally speak up about it. You’re welcome. If ya feel me, let me know in the comments below. 



Podcast Feature of the Week: No More Procrastination

If the title of this podcast has you intrigued, but you STILL want to put it off… then you REALLY need to listen! I’m talking all things procrastination today! It’s something all of us can relate to in at least one area of our lives. But why? And how can you overcome it? Well, here are my best tips and tricks so that you can finally get ‘er done!


And for the ultimate compliment to your kicking-procrastination-in-the-butt-life… PICK UP a new set of PUSH Journals! 250K peeps have gotten their priorities in check and followed through on their goals with these adorable game-changing daily planners!

Other podcast love from the week:


Lifers… wishing you a joyous and meaningful Memorial Day weekend! Don’t forget what the holiday is all about, mmmkay? Sure, have fun at your bbqs, but remember how lucky we are to be living in a free country. And that is all because of those who have died protecting us and our freedoms.












8 responses to “These Parents Have Me Outraged”

  1. Bahahahah! That video was awesome!!!!!! LOVE your family’s sense of humor! and you have very talented children!

  2. THANK YOU! (PODCAST FEATURE OF THE WEEK: NO MORE PROCRASTINATION) I love that you are talking about GOD here. You know the state is sticking fingers in all aspects of faith now. I am SO glad that you are using your courageous confidence to SPEAK UP about things that matter to Christians. After all, I got a call home when my daughter was singing a Christian SONG in her public school once! After that, it was the shoes had a peep hole front or her Bonne Bell lip-gloss looked like lipstick, (no…it did not). When you are clear about your faith you are clear in all the other aspects of life. Anyway, you are always wonderful but this was EXTRA-wonderful with a side of amazing and some brilliant sprinkled on the top. Thank you.

  3. You are too funny- the kids did try their best but it’s hard to compete with cute little babies!! But keep these coming – you have me laughing and make my day!!

  4. I mean, your kids are…slightly above average. But, as you said, really tall and just not as cute as the twins. Sorry! 😉

    (Oh who am I kidding- I can’t even joke. Your kids are AMAZING! Not just beautiful
    And handsome but incredibly talented, too!)

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