Procrastinating Starting a Business? Here are 10 Tips To Overcome This Obstacle!

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Are you starting/building a business and find yourself constantly procrastinating? Well, you wouldn’t be alone. Oftentimes, when we know we have something great to offer (that takes some time to get off the ground), we do all that we can to get in our own way (due to subconscious beliefs, self-sabotage, etc.).

Here’s how to overcome this often paralyzing cycle and get your business up and running!

Procrastinating Your Business is Common so Here are Tips to Overcome

Number one: Make a master list.

When we feel like we’re procrastinating something, it’s all too common to not give the thing a name, a label, or identify exactly what the project is.

Not to mention, many business owners and entrepreneurs find themselves unable to really move forward because they’re so often procrastinating by completing tasks that are:

  • trivial
  • easy
  • exciting

So, make a master list of everything that needs to get accomplished and then zero in on the thing that needs to be done yesterday.   

Number two: Identify that thing that you want to do, but shouldn’t be doing right now.

Take a look at your list and note what you’re tempted to do now, but you should intentionally delay. And that will help you stop procrastinating in the areas where you really do need to take control.

Number three: Prioritize those things that move the needle in the long game.

To Stop Procrastinating Break Down Your Tasks Into Bite Sized

We often focus on stuff that will give us quick wins right now.

Picture it: You decide to make a new Instagram post. Between coming up with the content, figuring out the best light, what you’re going to say in the copy, publishing, engaging with comments and… I can go on… but you get the idea.

3 hours have passed and what’s really happening with your new biz? Nothing.

Imagine if you took a few days off of Instagram and, instead, focused on the more foundational aspects involved in starting your business.

Most new entrepreneurs focus on social media growth, which is great, but, in my opinion, that’s like focusing on buying furniture before you’ve found a place to live.

I repeat: you’ve got to build your foundation!

Number four: Break down your tasks into bite-sized smaller ones that you can do in under 20 minutes.

Let’s say, for example, one of the items on your list — that you’ve determined is a priority — is upgrading your mail server so that you can properly segment your contacts. This would be a relatively quick, yet priority-driven project.

As I’ve repeated on countless episodes of Build Your Tribe, keeping your audience warm and connected via email is perhaps the most crucial element of building and maintaining your business.

Number five: Give important items a due date.

Give Important Items A Due Date to Break Procrastinating

One of the reasons you might find yourself procrastinating is simply that you can.

Think about it: Who do you answer to? You! And we don’t often give ourselves deadlines.

But if you give yourself a deadline, tell somebody else about that deadline to help keep you accountable. If you give said person permission to follow up with you… you’re going to get it done.

Hence, creating a situation where procrastinating isn’t an option is key.

For the remaining 5 tips, you must check out the Build Your Tribe episode below:

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