How To Provide Value To Your Email List

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If you’ve been around these parts for even a minute, you know I’m always preaching about the importance of growing your email list. That it is THE thing to rely on most when it comes to your base. Any social media platform could become obsolete tomorrow and with that all of your followers / subscribers / members. But your email contacts aren’t going anywhere.

You should be doing at least one thing per week — one tangible action — to get more addresses on your email list.

Your Email List Isn't Going Anywhere But Your Social Media Might

So, what’s the best action to take on a weekly basis to grow your email list?

Organic promotion

Meaning, promoting your email list on social media. That means you’re not paying for a shout out or an advertisement, but just authentically talking up your email list on whatever platforms you’re on.

While it’s super critical to focus on growing your email list, I think most people leave out something ever more critical and it’s what I’d like to focus on today…

How to serve one’s current list more effectively.

Top tip: Send Out Weekly Emails

I try to send at least one email out per week. They’re what I call “Snapshot” and serve as a simple weekly review of highlights from the week — from my podcast to social media posts. By the way, you can get on that list by adding your email to the homepage.

In this weekly newsletter, I make it a point not to sell or promote much. It’s really just about building that trust with my audience and providing value.

If I’m consistently offering value via email, then when it is time to sell / promote my open rates are that much higher. And, by extension, my conversion rates, too.

See, people are way more likely to actually click and read through my emails because they’re used to being served quality content — not because they’re being tricked into buying something.

Provide Value To Your Email List With Weekly Newsletter

To reiterate, one of the best ways to tend to your email list and make sure the people who are subscribed aren’t unsubscribing is to send a weekly email that has some kind of value or purpose behind it.

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