Questions to ask yourself before leaving a relationship

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I know a little bit about you. You Googled questions / titles / queries such as the one of this blog. This tells me you’re a person who is all about growth. You want to be a better, improved version of yourself. And, oftentimes, that means making a change in life. A move, if you will.

This blog, today, will focus on one such move — leaving a relationship. More specifically, the questions to ask yourself to learn if it’s the right choice.

Questions To Ask Yourself Learn Whether It's Time For Leaving Your Relationship

Question #1: Is your relationship giving you more joy and happiness or stress and frustration (even pain)?

This question shouldn’t take much thought and really be simple for you to answer.

Question #2: Does it feel like you’re settling for less than you know you deserve?

In other words, by staying in this relationship, are you compromising your potential (as an individual and partner)?

Question #3: Have you done everything in your power to improve the situation?

Because, let’s face it, whether it’s a marriage or a friendship we go through rough times. Hence, I don’t want you to think just because you’ve answered a question or two (so far) negatively… that it’s an automatic,

“Okay, it’s time to move on.”

This is the question that is going to allow you to make a decision that’s guilt-free.

Questions To Ask Yourself Leave you Guilt Free in Leaving a Relationship

Personal anecdote: Marriage is the most important covenant for a dear friend of mine — who happens to be a Christian. And the thought of leaving her husband was devastating; it rocked her to her core. Not to mention, she has two small children.

She decided to do go through a list of questions (similar to this blog) and it was this particular question (#3) that helped her to make the decision she needed to make. Which, in the end, was to leave her husband.

Because of her own experience as a child of divorced parents, she needed to know in her own heart, when she laid her head down on her pillow each night, that she had tried everything within her power to make improvements in both herself and her marriage. Including, one-on-one therapy. Her (now) ex husband didn’t want to do any sort of marriage counseling.

So, she knows that she did absolutely everything in her power to improve the marriage. But, there’s only so much you can do if only one person is willing to do the work.

Now, I’m not saying everyone must come to the same conclusion after pondering this question. However, it’s a biggie and should be paid close attention to.

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