How To Reduce Negative Effects Of Alcohol

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Alcohol isn’t necessarily something you want to consume for improved health, but, let’s be real… if you’re reading this, you’re going to be drinking.

Because of which, I’d really like you to think about how you can reduce alcohol’s negative effects. Honestly, it just takes some good old fashioned common sense!

Here’s your overall MAIN criterion:

Look at your alcohol choices the same way you look at your food choices

Treat Alcohol Labels As You Do Food Labels

You flip packages over for the ingredient list, right? If you discover that new box of “organic” cookies you’ve been eyeing is loaded with things you’ve never heard of, I’m guessing you’ll put it back on the shelf.

Now, how do you make that same decision when it comes to alcohol if most manufacturers are not listing the ingredients on the label?

Alcohol To Avoid #1: Premixed cocktails

The kind that come in little cans. They’re mixers and coladas and spritzers and all those light beverages. Those are loaded with additives, chemicals, and synthetic ingredients. You don’t even know what’s in them! Look for choices that are organic, gluten-free with minimal processing.

Alcohol To Avoid #2: Anything cheap

In the United States, manufacturers of alcohol and wine are not required to list the ingredients on the label. There could be formaldehyde in your alcohol and they’re not obligated to tell you. The only thing they have to tell us is the alcohol content and that’s it. That is ludicrous. And you get what you pay for, mmmkay?

Alcohol Manufacturers Aren't Required To List Ingredients

Let me tell you, cheap alcohol is loaded with toxins — which in many cases are likely to be considered carcinogenic, cancer causing. 

The more sugar, preservatives, and additives in the wine, the worse it is for you. Hence, it’s not the color (red or white) that makes a wine good or bad for you.

It’s the processing of the wine you need to consider.

Listen, while I’ve been healing my brain (through detox), I’ve continued to research the effects of alcohol on my body. I discovered that a lot of the experts I’ve been learning from were talking about a wine that is basically sugar-free. At first, I thought it was a brand. But what I’ve come to learn is that there is a company by the name of Dry Farm Wines. I haven’t written about it because I wanted to order it for myself and really understand their process.

And now I finally do!

Dry Farm Wines are al

  • Completely organic
  • Organically farmed
  • Zero chemicals
  • Synthetic-free
  • Natural
  • European

They import from small private farmers in Europe and, then, independently evaluate all wines in labs to ensure they meet their criteria (as noted above).

Did you know that the FDA actually allows 76 different additives in American wines? In fact, an ingredient only needs to be considered as GRAS (generally regarded as safe). What does that even mean? Oh, just that no one’s died from it yet. Sheesh!

Getting back to Dry Farm…

Wine, for me, ALWAYS had a negative effect. I never quite knew why. But not with DFW. I didn’t have a headache. No brain fog. Nor did I wake up feeling off.

And the taste is just so clean. That’s really my best way of describing it!

But mostly I’m shocked and overwhelmed with the non-impact it had on my body and my brain and everything else.

If you’re a wine drinker, I want to encourage you to try Dry Farm Wines!

Dry Farm Wines Is Best For Alcohol Consumption

I’m excited to let you know I have an affiliate code for you — which means I earn some money from it if you purchase it using my link. And YOU happen to get a special offer.

Look, whether you use my link or not, I don’t care. It was just important to me that you be in the know, as well, and have this resource at your drinking tips!

For much more, like:

  • What alcohol does to your body
  • The effects alcohol has on your diet or training
  • The impact of sugar and toxins

Then you’re going to need to listen to my podcast, Alcohol and Your Fitness | Weight Loss and Health — on The Chalene Show NOW!

Think about the legacy you’re leaving for your loved ones.


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