Snapshot | #1 Myth About Exercising

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Plus! The Truth About Cereal & Food Mistakes Parents Make!

Because I believe, as the ancient Latin proverb says, repetition is the mother of learning… this week’s Snapshot is dedicated to your health. Yeah, I know, we’ve been down this road before. But hey, that’s my mission in life these days. To get you healthy from the inside out! And nowhere online are you going to find such utter devotion to your overall well-being than right here!

Why? I love you. Simple as that.

And I’m keeping it crazy real today! Starting with working out (#1 myth about those who exercise) then heading to food (the truth about cereal) and closing out with eating habits formed in childhood (food mistakes parents make). Let’s do it!


Health Chat – #1 Myth About Exercising

According to USA Today, 67% of gym memberships go unused. Other studies say it’s as high as 80%… Seriously, though, does anyone find that the least bit surprising? I mean, how many times have YOU signed up for a gym – with the best intentions, of course! – and found that your motivation took a sharp nosedive after only just a few weeks?

And, to be frank, gyms are depending on you NOT showing up. Here’s why:

  • They need real estate that is impressive and conveniently located
  • Their space has to be big enough to accommodate equipment, locker rooms, and fitness classes 

With size and location being major determining factors in their success, profits, no doubt, will always prove a challenge.

Hence! Your local gym’s mission: Attract peeps who intend to work out, but don’t. #truth

So, what does it take to actually SHOW UP? Well, this seemingly impossible question is actually not so impossible at all. It has everything to do with a huge misconception about those of us who DO get our exercise on. Get ready for a truth bomb served quick and simple!



Health Chat – The Truth About Cereal

It seems to me that there’s been a “get healthy” craze going on for some time now. Just look at the sales of organic foods as but one supportive example. Every year, more and more, Americans are filling their shopping carts with all things organic – from eggs to veggies to gummy bears. But, the reality is… so much of what’s marketed to us has nothing to do with healthy.

One unfortunate example (that is, especially, marketed to parents) is cereal. If this oh-so-freakin-popular breakfast food is something you rely on for you and/or your family, then please take a moment and watch the following video. Plus, it includes a super funny cameo by my dad! Dude, his stories. I’m dead.

Never feel at a loss, dear lifers. I know how cereal can be a fun and tasty habit passed on from generation to generation! And I never would promote ONE way of eating, anyway. #moderation

Cue: 131 Method

To learn how to get your whole family healthy – with no rules – you’ll definitely want to Sign Up for the next round of 131 Method, beginning on Monday, the 15th! It’s time to make better choices for those you love most, isn’t it?


Health Chat – Food Mistakes Parents Make

Now, I know what you’re thinking. This blurb about food mistakes that parents make has got to be related to the previous blurb about cereal. Maybe a distant cousin or something? Well, you’d be right! However, it’s so much more than that. This conversation is less about WHAT we’re feeding our kids and more about HOW we’re communicating with them about food.

The tragic part is that so many parents think they’re doing it right. But while intentions may be good, they’re worthless when the outcome is an obesity epidemic.

In today’s final talk, I’m going to break down some surprising studies and, hopefully, bring some common sense to a topic you may be startled to know you actually DON’T know much about. TBH, if you have kids (or planning to) this “lesson” is a CAN’T MISS:


What did you think? Which chat, if any, really spoke to you?

I’m hoping to get some juice in the comments below!

As always, love you. Mean it.




2 responses to “Snapshot | #1 Myth About Exercising”

  1. Wow, thank you Chalene.
    I just watched Food Mistakes Parents Make. Talk about conviction! That hit home hard. I do know what’s good for my family, and it’s time to make more of an effort to nourish them properly, despite “knowing they won’t like” the healthy food I love.
    Please God, help me help them learn to love it too!
    BTW I love your podcast, The Chalene Show, and I’m about to subscribe to Build Your Tribe as well.
    You’re the best, thanks again!

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