The 5 Love Languages (Which Are YOU?)

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Plus! 3 Things That’ll Make Your Life Better, Peanut Sauce Recipe, & The Best Tip For Parents

Welcome to February! Everyone knows that this month is synonymous with all things… LOVE. So, what better time to talk about the 5 Love Languages!? Am I right or am I right?

Oh! And this weekend (tomorrow!) happens to be my 50th birthday!

That’s right, Super Bowl! Take that!


How The 5 Love Languages Can Save Any RelationshipRelationship Chat — The 5 Love Languages (which are YOU?)

Isn’t it crazy that The 5 Love Languages, by Dr. Gary Chapman, was released in 1995? It seems to me that people are STILL talking about it as if it were hot-off-the-presses! Actually, news flash: It continues to pop onto the NYT Best Sellers List every few months! And is currently #1 on Amazon in the categories of Marriage, and Love & Romance (with a perfect 5 star rating, no less)!

Well, if you ask me, that’s testament to its rock-solid thesis.

If you’re unfamiliar with the notion behind the book, let me quickly explain…

Here’s the idea: You and your significant other, individually, express and receive love in a particular way. 5 ways, to be exact. When you understand what that way is — for both of you — then communication is on another level of awesome! 

But they don’t just apply to romantic relationships! They can definitely be used for friendships, family, co-workers, and just about anyone you know!

And that includes you and me. Allow me to elaborate (and share with you the 5 Love Languages, too) in my featured video of the week!


And oh! If you do pre-order the 131 Book (as mentioned in the video), go HERE and enter your order # (at the “I’ve ordered already” icon) and you’ll receive a free virtual coaching program based around mindset!


This way, we both get to perform an Act Of Service! Win/win!


Podcast Chat – 3 Things That’ll Make Your Life Better

If you’re looking to become a mini expert at the 5 Love Languages and want to hear tons of personal anecdotes (like, how Bret and I discovered our love languages!), then YOU MUST LISTEN to my brand-spankin-new podcast from The Chalene Show! In other podcast updates:


Food Chat — Peanut Sauce Recipe! Easy & Delish!

Speaking of love languages, everyone has a little of each of them. However, 2 tend to be more prevalent — one primary and another secondary. For me, Acts Of Service falls into the secondary category. And, let me tell you, Bret executes this language of mine EVERY day in the kitchen. I’m so blessed! But, what many of you may not know, is that sometimes I will step foot in the kitchen myself. Sure, it causes Bret severe palpitations when this happens, but sometimes a girl has got to explore.

And explore I have! Dude, this peanut sauce recipe is the bomb dot com, thank you very much! It’s so easy. Just 3 steps. Oh, and please ignore Bret’s rude comments at the end….



Just For Fun Chat – The Best Tip For Parents

When you Google The 5 Love Languages, you’ll even find a whole bunch of info on (and books dedicated to) children, teens, and parents. The parent / child relationship is as beautiful as it is complicated. Well, I’m going to save all you parents a bunch of time and trouble here… no need to seek books, podcasts, blogs, or Youtube videos on how to best declutter your home when the kids are running wild! I got you, boo…


By the way, if you’d like to take The 5 Love Languages Quiz, you can do that here!

I’d recommend to do it when you’re relaxed and not in a rush. It takes about 15 minutes or so.

And click here for your very own 5 Love Languages Book!

Let me know in the comments YOUR love language!

Oh, and have fun on Super Bowl Sunday! Remember to keep hydrated!

Love You.





2 responses to “The 5 Love Languages (Which Are YOU?)”

  1. Hi beautiful soul! I love what you are doing for people. Some folks have a spark that is really kinda rare and you got double shots of it! I have my PUSH journal, was part of the 131 method beta test, loved it btw, and am somehow going to remember to take my courage class I bought, (get it together, Andria!). OH! and yeah, I got the penny bottle of Dry Farm Wine and my first 6 bottles ordered last night. You are amazing. Keep being you. Cheers to another 50 years of THIS! The world is a better place for ever year you rock your journey.

    For your birthday, can I give you a podcast idea?

    Q: I am a single maw with no family near except the four I gave birth to. How can I be all that I can be while I am coasting through all my roles and barely ever PRESENT in any of them. I am stressed to the hilt and gaining weight slowly. The auto-pilot of diagnosed exhaustion and sleep deprivation is fattening. It must be portions. I can make a family salad in a salad bowl and hork it all down. So I have managed to eat wrong even if I eat right. I don’t look or feel like I am being myself. I will be 50 on September 9th. I have so many personal projects and things to do to be there for each kid’s individual projects. I AM always brutally aware that if I don’t mend SOMETHING about the unraveling fabric that is my life I will never do even one thing by CHOICE in this lifetime. Tat makes me sad. The HAVE-TO has taken the BY CHOICE away and I need a new place to start again without toppling my big, tall, bossy pile of “TO-DO” over like an avalanche. I have tried to cut back to give myself a little space to just think by sitting down to write imagining that I will be able to blog with it or publish these wonderful stories that I enjoy writing so much but as you know it is getting harder financially these days. To keep up I need to always be increasing my income. Cut back at all and then you lose things you need. So it’s either have a bit of freedom or have a car to drive. That seems wrong. I must be missing a piece of the big picture. I should be able to work one job, help the kids homework, dinner, shower, classes, and somehow get the time to write and make the extra money we DESPERATELY need. (Also, mornings are mayhem. Any morning with four kids and one bathroom ideas? That could be whole two hour podcast right there if you could figure that out!)

    I have kicked all my ideas around, and don’t have the last bit of…what?…what is it? -Something that will get me going in the most time effective way to a better income. ENTREPRENEURSHIP, that’s the something. You are the QUEEN of that! The QUEEN, for sure. How can I be an entrepreneur from HOME like you?
    I too have 3 flags of ADD and am 5’2′, ironically I am just months away from turning 50 myself, and can relate to you SO MUCH it’s crazy! I think I would like to share the unravel of my coming out – that is COMING OUT FROM UNDER ALL THE BURDEN I PLACE ON MYSELF TO BE ALL THAT I CAN BE. That’s about three people I tried to be there and I cannot be my own army anymore. If I can do all my mom and money-making at home it would fix a lot of time problems.
    Will you please help by showing me THIS KEY PROCESS TO MAKING MONEY WITH MY LAPTOP? I hope you will please show me a step by step how to about starting a blog and selling on something like shopify and also selling a self-published book on there and amazon. and how do I put this stuff all together? Like: use the blog and shopify on a go-daddy .com that I purchased. (I’ll probably go back and get the .TV like Brock suggested too.) Please talk to me as if I’m 5 because in tech I AM basically a kinder-gardener.

  2. Happy Birthday! You continue to be an amazing inspiration, from your workout videos to your podcasts, I can never get enough of you!

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