How To Break Free From The Cardio Myth

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For this week’s Snapshot, it just felt right to start off with a quote I recently shared on IG. It seemed to resonate with many of you. And honestly, these words make me feel a little better. Maybe they will for you, as well.

Forgive Yourself Quote By Maya Angelou


These 2 Things Are ALL You Need To Live The Life You Want

We hear and talk about success all the time. Whether it was your parents spouting their beliefs about money or your friends comparing college admission letters or your (now former) BFF telling you the car your date pulls up in matters. At the end of the day, though…

Success means something different to everyone. What it means to YOU is going to be based on your values and the kind of life you want to live. The goal, hopefully, is to live a life that YOU have designed and, by extension, achieve success according to your own definition.

So, what is the life you envision for yourself? Tell me in the comments! And check out this quick video for the nudge you just might need to see the life you dream of become a reality!


Yes, the 2 action items in the video you just watched are key. That said, a little bit of confidence goes a heck of a long way. Ya feel? If you’ve never joined the Courageous Confidence Club (my top 3 courses of all time), might I recommend it? But only if you’re looking for a boost in your overall day-to-day life!


Podcast Feature Of The Week: 12 Signs of Hormone Imbalance

In this episode, I’m talking about weight and signs that will help you understand (or at least identify) if you might possibly have a major or minor hormone imbalance. A hormone imbalance can affect your weight, appearance, brain functionality, gut health, sleep, and overall well-being. In other words, hormones control everything! When your hormones are in balance, life is simply better. Let’s get you there!


Just in case you need to make some changes in the kitchen to assist in balancing your hormones AND you need some major guidance in doing so… I’m going to suggest you check into 131’s Cooking Collective! In this quick and easy cooking course, you’ll learn to make drool-worthy, fat-burning meals your body will thank you for.

For other podcast love this week…


How To Break Free From The Cardio Myth


Cierra's Workout


Few girls are willing to talk about the price of being a competitive female athlete. Our daughter, Cierra O’Day, was bound for college with a D1 track scholarship – when she finally had the courage to tell us what was really going on.

She was suffering from anxiety, sadness, panic attacks and over 3 years without having a period. She felt her entire worth and identity was wrapped up in her performance and her sport.

I’ll never forget the conversation we had in the kitchen her senior year when I asked her to tell me the truth, “Do you love running or not?” Through her tears she replied “I f%cking hate it! But I don’t know who I am if I’m not a runner.”

A few days later (knowing she had our full support), she made the brave decision to quit track and forgo her scholarship. We got our daughter back. It took her almost a full year to get her TRUE health and her cycle back. In the process, the girl who had previously spent hours each week doing cardio – began to dedicate herself to strength training. She designed her own 30 minute routines – and skipped the cardio to heal her spirit and build her metabolism.

This week – she launched her first e-book sharing her story and detailing her 4 week full body workouts. She shares her full story in an effort to help other young women who may be paralyzed by the belief that they have to be someone they don’t want to be. This book will help women to break free from the cardio myth and build a stronger healthier body in less time.

The coolest part — this was entirely her project! From the photo shoot done with friends, writing and editing, the book layout, setting up the website and yes – of course – even the book’s title “F*ck Running” – it’s all so Cierra (link). And we couldn’t be more proud. It’s amazing and I can’t wait for people to do her workouts! If you’re interested, you can visit her site 🙂 and thank you!


I Made My BFF Sing At The Drive-Thru

Where would we be in life if our friends didn’t do everything we told them to do? Nowhere. That’s where. Here’s but one example…


How cute, right?

Tell me everything in the comments! What feels did you feel from this week’s Snapshot!?

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