Breast Implant Controversy

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I’m starting off this week’s Snapshot with an apology. It seems that — for women with breast implants — there was some hysteria surrounding my podcast with Angie Lee. In hindsight, I should have given you more information, provided additional resources, and explained why there is so much controversy around this topic. I didn’t do that. As such, I received countless messages from women in sheer panic mode.

Today, I share with you additional details, a variety of causes you may want to consider and what to do if you suspect your implants may be causing an autoimmune response.

In this episode, I also share my personal decision as well as my experience breast-feeding after breast implants.

Scroll to the bottom for additional resources on Breast Implant Illness.



How To Sell Without Being Salesy

On this Quick Tip Tuesday, I’m talking about monetizing your social media! Number one question I get is “How do I grow my following?”

But if you don’t have something to offer, what’s the point of having a large following? #truth

So, what is it that YOU need to sell? Well, take a listen because I’m about going to give you a list of ideas of things you can monetize in social…


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Other podcast love from the week:

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Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Plan 1 Day, 1 Week, and 90 Days

Before the advent of apps (and you know I love my apps!), your day planner handled your whole life on paper. Gasp! But these days, your phone has taken over all things, including your almighty schedule! And while it’s definitely useful to have your digital calendar synced to numerous devices, in my opinion, nothing beats a good old paper planner!

It all comes down to the neurological benefit of writing by hand. Not only do you remember better, but it forces you to take a moment and attempt your scheduling with more care. Another perk is that it allows you to handle all things in 1 singular place vs jumping from app to app.

And, with the the right tools, it’s possible — in ONE day — to plan out tomorrow, next week, and the following 90 days. Sure, life will always have surprises, but there is a way to allow for that, too. In this step-by-step BRAND NEW HOW-TO video… I’m going to show you how!


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As promised, some resources re: breast implants:

A great investigative news report on BII

Research on BII 2019

Information regarding BII

FDA Warning A

FDA Warning B

New York Times Report 2019

Y’all commented quite a bit on last week’s Snapshot! Keep those comments coming and let me know your thoughts! I’m always listening.




2 responses to “Breast Implant Controversy”

  1. Chalene! I’m a mom of four and breast implant il was survivor. I am the founder of the breast implant illness supper group In Las Vegas. Just last week I was interviewed for my story. I would love the opportunity to share with you and help spread awareness!
    Here is the link to my interview >

    So many woman in my group need help and are so sick! It would be a godsend to collaborate with you and help their Voices be heard!

    Rachael Robart

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