Snapshot | #1 Tip To Raise Happy Kids

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Plus! How To Take Action Now & When To Break Up With Your Personal Trainer

Have you heard? This week’s Snapshot arrives on the heels of the biggest time of year for us at Team Johnson HQ! Why? Well, it has everything to do with you! Y’all have made me so proud that, I admit, I’ve been shedding some happy tears.

See, my biggest, shiniest, and most popular course of all times, Marketing Impact Academy… is back! And it’s bigger, shinier, and more popular than ever! And while we’re hard at work in launch mode, I found out something very special from Kajabi (the leading course platform online) – which houses all of my courses.

My MIA students – YOU – are more successful, financially, than those from any of the other courses featured in Kajabi. We’re talking over 12,000 available courses, some of which feature the most lauded experts in the world. Seriously, I’m shook.

And exactly HOW does Kajabi discern such information?

Well, to inaugurate MIA Launch Week, I thought I’d share. So, before we get to today’s headlining video, allow me a moment to brag about my students (and cry a little). Honestly, next to my kids, nothing on the planet fills me with more pride.


If you are ready to invest in YOU and YOUR business idea… then I really don’t know what the heck you’re waiting for! MIA enrollment closes just after the weekend PLUS space is crazy limited! GO HERE for all the deets! (I’d love to cry happy tears over you, too.)


Family Chat – #1 Tip To Raise Happy Kids

Here’s a universal truth few can deny: moms and dads WANT to see their children happy. But wanting is different than having. This is one reason, I’m sure, parents find themselves sifting through a plethora of conflicting advice. I mean, who’s right about your 6 year old’s new time consuming habit? Your in-laws or that podcast you just listened to? Or maybe that TED talk about dangerous things you SHOULD let your kids do.

Look, at the end of the day, we all hope our little ones:

  • Stay in good health
  • Grow up to love
  • Grow up to be loved
  • Follow their dreams
  • Find success
  • Do good

For many, though, being happy would rank at the top of the list. That said, is this something we have control over? If so, how much?

Well, there is actually a secret ingredient that causes happiness to flourish in children. And I’m excited to share it with you in today’s headlining video! Watch (till the end!) and share to any and all parents, soon-to-be parents, and hope-to-be parents! Included, is an update on both my son and daughter because you (so kindly) keep asking!


Personal Development Chat – How To Take Action Now

In another hotly contested subject where you’ll find myriad teachings all over the freakin’ place… MOTIVATION! Some schools of thought will tell you to meditate. Which might seem counterintuitive as meditation is most widely known as a way of relaxing. But, in actuality, it’s proven to help with focus, concentration, and decision making. Ummm, that sounds like a recipe for motivation to me!

Other schools of thought will tell you daily planners, seminars, accountability partners, public goal(s), rewards, and – of course – self development books. Speaking of which, there is ONE I particularly like that has a simple message… really making the journey to Motivation Street easy. No twists and turns, just a fast & direct route. It is wrapped around a simple hack which allows you to clear your brain and forces you to bite the bullet. Which book? What’s my spin on the hack? Well…


Fitness Chat – When To Break Up With Your Personal Trainer

It almost seems like any fool can put on workout gear and refer to a wall at the gym with their hanging 8×10, titled: “Personal Trainer”. While this might sound like a harsh comment, I’m afraid it’s becoming truer by the minute. With the amount of gyms in this country growing at a faster and faster rate (there are 8,000 more gyms now than 5 years ago), vetting a trainer’s experience has become less a priority. And the sad thing is, being an effective trainer is super difficult.

It requires multifaceted knowledge that ensures you know how to push your client the right way – both in exercise and mental faculty.

Here’s a simple rule to live by: If you can – all by yourself – perform the majority of what your trainer is having you do… then it sounds like you’re paying good money for a babysitter.

This brings me to a little rant of mine. It’s another example of personal “training” gone wrong. Ugh! Hopefully, it’ll make you think twice next time you’re in the market for some guidance and inspiration at the gym!


I’d love to hear in the comments below your fave chat! We covered lots of stuff, didn’t we?!

And, you know, I’m just so freakin’ honored to have all y’all join me here EVERY week.

We’re doing big things you and me.

Here’s to your future success! And by success, I mean all of it. Health, happiness, and financial!





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