Snapshot | Best Cheap Headphones For Working Out

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Plus! How To Master Push Ups & Don’t Be A Jumper In Business!

Not everyone has a personal trainer or workout buddy to keep them motivated at the gym. Some of us have to depend on that unrelenting beat pumping though our headphones! But how do you find the right pair when EVERY week there’s a trending study or YouTube video or blog dedicated to the newest top 10 best headphones for working out?

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

That’s why I got you covered in this week’s Snapshot with ONE pair that I’m really loving! And the best part? They’re super affordable!

In other chats: we’re going to finally get you doing push ups right (fitness) and not skipping crucial steps in your startup (business).

Let’s get that music started!


Life Hack – Best Cheap Headphones For Working Out

How would most of survive a workout without headphones? Seriously! Maybe you need them for inspiration during your long run (hello, Spotify playlist) or simply to block out the annoying dude grunting on the exercise bench next to you. Honestly, they’re a huge necessity. And they sure have come a long way since the, once-revolutionary, Walkman! I’m dating myself here, aren’t I?

Anyway! These days, there are a ton of headphones to choose from… with massive ranges in price and quality. So, how does one begin to choose the best type to train in? Don’t worry. I got you, boo.

Bluetooth (i.e., wireless) earphones are definitely going to be your best bet for most exercises – allowing you unbelievable freedom in movement. If you’re looking for a killer pair that’s not going to break the bank, check out my new fave in today’s headlining video:


Hey – if you want your very own sexy pair – GO HERE!

This is my fantasy: we’re wearing the same headphones and totes working out together because you’re listening to The Chalene Show or Build Your Tribe and that’s, like, basically all I need in life. Call me sentimental.


Fitness Chat – How To Master Push Ups 

Speaking of working out… doesn’t the thought of high school gym class stir up all kinds of crazy memories and emotions? Well – stick with me here – this might be the reason doing a push up seems so antiquated and annoying. It’s our silly subconscious mind immediately taking us back to those awkward teen years! And, plus, hasn’t the world of fitness evolved so much since then, anyway?

But, guess what? Your PE teacher was actually performing a service by making you do a good ole’ fashioned push up! This classic exercise activates just about every muscle in your body!

That said, it isn’t often done correctly. Which, I think, proves it isn’t exactly the easiest to do. So, allow me to take you back to basics (and get you strong) with this tutorial…



Business Chat – Don’t Be A ‘Jumper’ In Business

Picture it: You’re super excited about doing a new online business academy. I mean, you are totally wigging out about learning every business trick and becoming a millionaire tomorrow! There’s no need to review payment plans or anything. Oh, heck no! Paying in full is the ONLY option for you. And then… you watch maybe 1 or 2 lessons and think you’ve mastered the whole program! Who needs details and specifics when YOU’RE the queen of figuring things out!

This type of entrepreneur is someone I call a jumper. And it used to be me.

For a quick lesson as to WHY being a jumper will mostly result in your failure (and what you should do instead), you MUST watch the following clip:


TEASER: That last video reminds me… my most popular course of all time, Marketing Impact Academy (MIA), is about to make a comeback! The messages I get ON THE DAILY from past students who are now living their dream life… inspire me like you don’t even know! But, again, you have to follow the steps, people! And, then, the world is your oyster!

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, then I would HIGHLY recommend to get your name on the waitlist NOW! And when you act fast, to show my appreciation, I’m going to throw in a FREE Grow Your Social Media Guide!

Love you.



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  1. Got my very own pair of the headphones! LOVE THEM!! Thanks for sharing that. It was the perfect perk-me-up andis making sticking to some of my goals more enjoyable and that is translating to me sticking to them!! Thanks again <3

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