How To Keep Orchids Alive And Beautiful

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Plus! How To Know When Body Pain Is Serious & What’s Up With Weather Girls!



Lifestyle Hack Chat — How To Keep Orchids Alive And Beautiful! DIY!

Picture it: You walk into your fave grocery store and see a variety of orchids on display (Trader Joe’s always has beautiful options for crazy good prices). Your heart sings with joy as you inspect all the options. Finally, you land on the perfect color/size/pot combination and know — just know! — this time it’s going to live for months!

But a week later you discover that, tragically, you STILL have a green thumb. What the what!?

Cue: violins.

Listen, all of that is going to end right now! I have a DIY hack to keep your orchids alive and blooming! Even AFTER you think it’s gone to flower heaven. Because, guess what? She is still alive!



Health Chat — How To Know When Body Pain Is Serious (w Dr. Paul Garcia)

Last year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that about 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. If you don’t know, chronic pain is usually described as any pain lasting more than 12 weeks. Now, I can only speak for myself here… but I don’t remember the term “chronic pain” being used — with such regularity — just 5 years ago the way it is today. Ya feel me?

This has obviously become an epidemic! A major health issue of its very own.

If this is happening to you or someone in your family or dear friend, then you know the negative consequences from living with this kind of pain. To you, your family, and honestly… society as a whole.

So, how do you know WHEN to seek help exactly?

Enter: Dr. Paul Garcia, my Kinesiologist.

In the following video, he starts off with plantar fasciitis (what it is, why you should be aware of it, and how to heal it), and then the conversation graduates to Kinesiology (and how it can change your life). But the most crucial part, I think, is toward the end of the video… when he answers WHEN it’s time to seek help for whatever pain your experiencing. Check out the good doc now!

Sometimes A Girl Has To Rant Chat — What’s Up With Weather Girls?

While women consist of (at least) 1/2 half of those who graduate with a degree in meteorology, only 33% deliver weather forecasts on the news. Now, there might be many reasons for this… and we can save that intriguing debate for another time. What I’m curious about right now is why our “weather girls” always seem to look and dress a particular way.

You KNOW what I’m talking about.

And this trend isn’t actually a trend at all. Sexualizing female weathercasters has legit begin going on since the 1950s! Back in the day, attractive young women were hired to tell you “rain” or “shine” as a ploy to keep audiences tuned in. “Sex sells” had to be brought to the news somehow, I guess.

Anyway, I just happened to flip on the TV and there she was. Another example of a bombshell weather girl, and I just needed a moment to rant. Forgive me.


And now it’s time for your podcasts of the week!!!

I need to know all your thoughts in the comments below! Are you going to buy orchids this weekend!? Go see a kinesiologist next week? Write your local tv station and demand weather girls put on a suit? Tell me!





8 responses to “How To Keep Orchids Alive And Beautiful”

  1. I’ve always thought the very same thing about weather girls! Ever since the 1980s, when I was a very young woman, I felt constantly intimidated by their appearance – I felt they were on a complete other planet that no regular woman could ever hope to reach. Talk about real deep insecurity issues arising just by watching the weather forecasts! 🙂

    Love ya Chalene ~ I preordered the 131 book and I.CAN’T.WAIT!


  2. If you don’t cut the old flower stem on your orchids, they will grow a new stem quickly! (I’m a Horticulturist!)

  3. It is not just weather girls. Have you seen the coroner’s portrayed in crime dramas? Can not count the number of sexualized females I stilettos poking on a corpse and identifying time of death by the level.of maggot larvae stage in designer clothes. Shows like Motive, Crossing Jordan, CSI:Miami, Body of Proof, Castle, Rizzoli and Isles. If everybody is dead can’t you go to work in a messy bu. And leggings with jeans?

  4. Thanks Chalene. I love Dr Paul from the 131 beta test days. The good ole days. It’s cool that he educates us for free!

    Weather girls. I feel for them. I live in Denver. Our head meterologist Kathy Sabin is beautiful but she dresses more conservative.

    She’s more “mature”. (Like us) than the girls in
    SoCal . I read an article about her recently – she wanted to be a vet but ended up on tv while going to vet school and fast forward 25 years still
    Doing tv.

    Anyway have fun this weekend. Wish I was there!

    Thanks love ya


  5. thank you for Dr. Garcia! I have chronic pain due to arthritis in my knees. But it affects other areas of my body (back especially) I will be looking into his field!

  6. I have a sweet young friend who’s starting out as a meteorologist on a station in North Carolina. She is very modest and dresses accordingly. She is smart, funny, and very pretty, but she chooses not to emphasize that….choosing instead to concentrate on her science. Her male “fans” constantly criticize and bash her for the way she dresses. Shame on them…

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