Snapshot | How To Get Kids To Eat Healthy

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Plus! 8 Minutes Abs & How To Worry Less!

It’s official! We’re in the dog days of summer (Jul 22 – Aug 23, 2018). That infamous time of year when man’s best friend is panting 24/7! But dogs with their tongues out are the cutest, though, right? Anyway, this week’s Snapshot is of no help because it’s hot hot hot! Sorry not sorry. We’re starting off with a frank (and surprising) chat on how to get kids to eat healthy! If you’re a parent, it’s a can’t miss! Then, because summer bodies are on the brain, let’s work on your abs with a new 8 minute exercise tutorial. To finish things off, we’re going to focus on your personal development with a talk on how to worry less. Got it? Good! Now, give your puppy a popsicle (with no artificial ingredients, of course) and let’s get to this!


Family Chat – How To Get Kids To Eat Healthy

There’s a whole bunch of reasons that can make it super difficult for parents to get their kids to eat healthy. This is, obviously, a problem that has plagued moms and dads since the beginning of time –  but I think it’s especially tough in this relatively new Social Media climate:

  • Instagram posts (Gummy Worm Day, anyone?)
  • Junk food ads targeted at children (YouTube, Snapchat, Hulu, etc.)
  • Online videos (ever heard of Mukbang? It’s a thing.)

Not to mention, good ol’ peer pressure, billboards, food reality shows, movies, and more!

When you factor in your (the parent’s) crazy schedule, it really isn’t a surprise a whole bunch of kid’s diets are centered around drive thru’s, frozen meals, and whatever else falls under the category of easily accessible.

All that said, getting your kids to understand the benefits of eating healthy – with moderation and balance – need not be so complicated. Bret and I have always had a very specific way of handling food in our home. And, honestly, it may shock a little. I hope you find my thoughts on this sensitive subject helpful with your kiddos.

One of the brilliant and unique features of 131 Method is that you’ll find individualized lifestyle choices that can be applied for your WHOLE family. We always focus on balance so that mom, dad, and kids are happy and healthy. And isn’t that the dream? Next cycle begins on Monday, the 30th! Sign up NOW!


Personal Development ChatFitness Chat – 8 Minute Abs

With beach days in full swing, it’s no wonder I’ve been swamped with messages – from YOU – about how to get a toned midsection ASAP! Now, ideally, you’re thinking ahead and getting that bikini body ready in winter. But look, no judgement. I understand procrastination and her evil ways. Besides, it’s nothing your PUSH Journal can’t fix. Just sayin’.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, to really achieve the tummy of your dreams… you’ve got to focus on both nutrition and exercise.

To nail down the nutrition side of things, y’all know I’m gonna send you to 131. Who can argue with all those before and after’s! OMG.

For exercise, I’d recommend starting with this ab video I legit made just for you! My recommendation is to do this series AFTER a lifting session, 2 to 3 times a week. Ready for killer abs in 8 freaking minutes?! I got you. #werk it, girl!



Personal Development Chat – How To Worry Less

According to the American Psychological Association, 77% of us regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress. This is absolutely not okay. But how do you arrive at that seemingly elusive place of happy? Where daily life issues no longer fester inside because a positive mindset has overtaken the negative.

Well, I promise you… having less anxiety doesn’t have to be so unreachable.

There are many things you can do every day to keep stress levels very low (or nonexistent) and feel more joyful. Listen, for tips on what to do in place of worrying, check out the next video!

To really conquer the worrying thing, Click Here for my full podcast, titled: How to Stress Less | Quick Tips to Manage Anxiety!!!

Hey, as per usual, I love hearing your thoughts in the comments! Mmmkay? Means a lot to me to know if/where I’m making a difference in your life. Truly.

See you here next week (next month, really! But doesn’t that sound so far away!?)

And I’ll catch you always on Snapchat!



4 responses to “Snapshot | How To Get Kids To Eat Healthy”

  1. I love what you said about teaching your kids to make healthy choices rather than putting a bunch of restrictions on what they’re eating. I’d love to hear some examples of how you did that at different ages and stages — maybe an idea for another post 🙂

  2. The problem I have is that my two sons are on the autism spectrum and have trouble with texture of foods. So they only will eat a limited type of foods and not usually that healthy of foods.

  3. I LOVE this. I have a 2 yo and have been feeling like a failure because I wanted him to eat healthy.
    He does sometimes, but the reality is sometimes he wants unhealthy food and sometimes I give it to him. I love what you are saying about the way we talk about eating, the way we label food. Just help them get educated about different foods, what they do, how they make us feel, and raise a child that can make educated decisions for themselves. Simple and BRILLIANT! Thank you, Chalene! I have been a fan of yours since I was in grad school between 2003-2006 and bought Turbo Jam off a TV commercial! haha. You always deliver.

  4. Hi Chalene this is Cookie Ramirez from snapchat I wish you were my friend still I accidentally took you off please Snapchat me again if you can I miss all your silly and funny and smart snapchats and at times you made me feel better listenig to your wisdom and life talks on Snapchat take care hope to hear from you CookieRamirez66

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