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Welcome to a weekend full of religious tradition and celebration! Today is Good Friday, tomorrow is Passover (begins sundown tonight, though), and Sunday is Easter! This means there will be millions upon millions of family gatherings around the world spending quality time together. Whether it’s a church gathering (Easter features the highest church attendance of the year!) or Passover Seder, I know you’ll want to look your best and be mentally prepared. That’s why in this week’s Snapshot I’m featuring a few beauty tips – how to blend fake lashes & how to fix that silly broken eyeshadow palette – AND, as per usual, all around life hacks – the truth behind you’re disorganization, why your workspace should inspire you, & an accent wall tutorial! Let’s get to this before the Easter bunny hops into town…


Beauty Chat – How To Blend Fake Lashes

In the not so distant past, full and lengthy lashes started to become all the rage. And, guess what? They still are! So, why have they continued to be fashionable? Well, what better way to highlight your eyes… bringing added style and fun to your daily routine while really accentuating your all-around makeup look! And if you’re not a makeup fan in general, just throwing on some lashes serves as a worthy option to help enhance your eyes. Who wouldn’t like that?

Bonus: Unlike your own lashes, they won’t stick together. Not to mention, they’re super simple to take off!

Now, if you’re concerned fake eyelashes are intimidating to apply, you wouldn’t be alone. I’ve been there, trust me. At first, the process can be tricky, cumbersome, and somewhat intense. That said, fake eyelashes are freakin’ awesome once you commit and, eventually, give in to their allure. And dude, they’ll save you so much time in the AM when you don’t have minutes (and minutes!) to spare for applying mascara. 

Life Hack – How To Fix Broken Eyeshadow Palette

When children knock over a glass of whatever they always say, “It spilled!” Like, somehow their drink magically just toppled over all by itself. This, no doubt, is because they’re too afraid to take accountability for their mishap due to reasons I’m sure some child psychologist would love to analyze. And this lack of taking responsibility for one’s actions carries well into adulthood. “This house is a mess! How does this even happen so fast!?” – for example.

In the case of makeup and me… you’ll find no such example of displacing blame. I OWN it. One unfortunate scenario that repeats more often than I care to acknowledge, is how frequently I drop and shatter my (always brand new) eyeshadow palette! Sure, I’d love to accuse my daughter, Cierra, or one of my 3 dogs – but nope. All me. Every time.

Please tell me I’m not alone, ladies!

And as much as I always want to salvage the billions of particles of lovely powder now adorning the floor, it always seems like way too big of a mess and hassle to do. Thus, I scoop and toss. Goodbye makeup, so long money well spent!

Not anymore! I reached out to my #Snapfam for help on this one because enough was enough. And, as always, YOU came through. I’m so excited for you to check out this beauty hack! Life changer right ahead…



Personal Development Chat — The Truth About Chronic Disorganization

The Institute For Challenging Disorganization lists 4 components that chronically disorganized people share vs those who find themselves messy for alternating periods of time.

  1. Chronically deep in clutter peeps acquire more “stuff” than they will ever use.
  2. This “stuff” grows and grows because these individuals can’t let go.
  3. Much of the clutter is due to projects never completed.
  4. People who suffer from Chronic Disorganization must actually see their projects before them so as not to forget to take action.

For more on this, including: why procrastination is not the same thing as disorganization and how you can overcome the paralysis your constant clutter causes… then make sure you hit that play!

As you saw in the video above, habits and systems are what you need to change your organization game and get in the clutter free zone. And, let me tell you, that is why I created The Declutter Project – my brand new 4-part (totally free!) Podcast series! I’ve been so honored to receive your messages DAILY (shoot, hourly!) about how this series has already changed your lives! Start NOW to get all caught up! Your future depends on it!

Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to SmartLife PUSH Journals right here because they were literally designed to ensure you know how to create the systems needed for a productive and happy life! Pick up your set today, Lifers!


Just For Fun Chat – Why Your Workspace Should Inspire You

A carelessly designed workspace is worse than a measly blot on the landscape. The impact of not putting thought into your office design will almost certainly affect your work (and creativity) in a negative way.  A well-thought-out and designed office would most definitely enhance your productivity and personal demeanor, in general. And, for those of you with a brick and mortar, you’d up the chances of impressing prospective customers exponentially.

This chat has been filed under “Just For Fun” because I’m about to take you on an exclusive personal tour of my offices at Team Johnson! And hey, if your office is in need of a new and inspiring design, then follow me and be on the lookout for some ideas…



Life Hack Chat – Should You Have An Accent Wall?

Let’s hang in the area of space, shall we? We’re going to shift over from work to home. Although, some of you might work from home… you get my drift!

In today’s economic climate, people are continually on the lookout for affordable ways to spruce up their living spaces. Holding on to the understanding that painting is still the best way to revamp one’s space for little money, many people opt to pick up some paint and a roller with the belief that color cures a variety of architectural offenses.

Cue: accent walls! An accent (or feature) wall in your room is the one whose design is the standout. It’s going to be different than the other walls… bringing quality and flair to the space. It can quickly and easily build a sense of composition – giving the appearance of division – in an otherwise boxy room!

There are a plethora of options – from textural to color – you can play with for an accent wall that really suits your creative needs! I’m dying to know if my glitter wall tutorial is going to fuel your artistic fire!


Hey, Lifer! I’d be honored to know – in the comments below – if you found any of the above chats useful!

Remember, they all originated on Snapchat! And 92% of it never makes the weekly Snapshot… so make sure you add me! There’s no place else on social media where I’m more interactive with YOU!

Wishing you and yours a safe, meaningful, and joyous holiday weekend!

Love you.




4 responses to “Snapshot | How To Blend Fake Lashes”

  1. Love your hacks Chalene!can we say LIFESAVER! I am a real fan and love you for your honesty, your heart to help people and your commitment to so many challenges. Hope your Easter is blessed and that you and your family experience the true love and miracle of His perfect love!

  2. Dear Chalene,
    I enjoyed every single one of these chats you provided above! You are so cute and funny! I can see your kids taking turns blowing glitter on a casket!! LOL!!
    I had been away for a while and you reached out to me via email, so now I am BACK!!
    Thank you for touching base with a free-spirit wanderer!!
    Many blessings!
    Kathy Lee

  3. hi Chalene,

    I like these little short video snaps. I wear fake (false) lashes too and am always looking for new kinds and glue etc. so good!! I actually liked all the little snaps!


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