My Fire Alarm Nightmare

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As Seen on Facebook: Video Editing Tips (Make Transitions That Pop) 

Everyone and their grandmother — and their 4 year old — is editing videos today. It’s no wonder, too, considering the amount of social media apps using video to rival and consume our attention — from YouTube to TikTok!

So, it’s super important (and a challenge!) to keep attention on your vid with all the competition out there. Which is why I asked my good friend, Sean Cannell (video expert, Marketing Impact Academy Ambassador), to share some editing tips with you! 


And a big congrats to Sean for just passing 1 freaking MILLION subscribers on his YouTube channel, Think Media! Wow!


As heard on The Chalene Show, Podcast Feature of the week: When To Speak Up and When To Shut Up

We can all relate to having those moments of regret for something said or not said. The bottom line is: There are times when you should speak your mind and there are other times when the best course of action is to simply hold back and take a mental note. But how do you discern when? In your podcast highlight, I’ll provide insight with specific examples and, also, share a template to help you quickly navigate a variety of different conversations with confidence.


Other podcast gems from this past week…

And this leads me to my book recommendation of the week: Tiny Habits, by BJ Fogg (just listen to the pod above and you’ll understand why).


As Seen on IG Stories, My Fire Alarm Hell 

Does anyone remember the episode from Friends where Phoebe’s smoke detector just doesn’t shut up? Whatever she does: pulls it from the wall, disconnects the battery, smashes it with her boots’ heel (all too relatable), and eventually throws it down the trash chute… the darn alarm just keeps on beeping and finds its way back home. UGH.

Welcome to my life this past week!

Even though I went to Instagram and begged for help, no one had an answer for me that worked. Until the electrician arrived. Check out the surprise ending to the saga now…


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