Why I Said No To Starbucks

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Podcast Feature this week: 7 Signs It’s Time To Let Go Of A Friendship

True friendship is a 2-way street. It’s a mutual relationship where you share your greatest joys, worst fears, biggest accomplishments, and deepest sorrows. But not all friends value reciprocity. There are friendships that are one-sided or just feel like too much work to maintain. Situations such as this may lead one to wonder, “Why am I even friends with this person?” Well, in today’s episode, I’ll help as I share my 7 signs it may be time to let go of a friendship.











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Why I Said No To Starbucks

I’m sure you’ve found yourself, like I have, in those situations where you’re eating or drinking just because you can. Are you hungry? No. Thirsty? Not really.

So why do we fall into this trap of “pleasure eating”?

When we eat and drink JUST for pleasure — as I’m guessing happened to many of you yesterday, for Thanksgiving, when you helped yourself to not just seconds, but thirds and fourths! —  it prompts the brain’s reward system! By doing that, it actually fires up the body’s response to the foods / drinks you freaking love.

There are many problems with this. One being, the chemical reward mechanisms in the brain will eventually override the body’s hunger signals and lead to overeating.

I’m not saying to NEVER eat just for pleasure. But you need to know yourself and why you’re eating when you’re eating. Is it a regular thing for you or a common occurrence?

And this very thing happened to me just the other day. It involved my fave Starbucks drink and, dudes, I was so excited to indulge. Until…







Why I Might Sue the Cable Guy

If you have the internet at home (and who are you if you don’t!?), you’ve probably experienced technical difficulties from time to time. And when this tragic situation presents itself, we are forced, way beyond our will, to make that dreaded call to the cable company. 

Cue: violins.

Now, it seems all cable companies schedule their appointments in time frames. We’re talking long (long, long, long) windows of time. 

They do this, I’m guessing, to afford technicians flexibility. Because Lord knows you and I aren’t the only ones with spotty internet. Like, why is this even a thing in 2019? Ugh. But I digress…

Anyway, last week I found myself in this exact scenario. No internet! For a girl who does her biz on all kinds of platforms online, having WiFi is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

So, there I was. Alone and waiting for the cable guy. And waiting. And waiting. The only way to curb my anxiety was to take you along for the experience on IG Stories. You’re welcome. 






Did you laugh? I prefer to end on a little bit of funny! TBH, y’all saved me because venting on IG was my way of turning lemons into lemon meringue pie (someone still has pie on the brain after Thanksgiving!). Hope you had a blessed holiday and I’ll see you next week! Or, in a minute if you’re following my shenanigans on Instagram Stories!




3 responses to “Why I Said No To Starbucks”

  1. Lol all dressed up and just where to go because of being under house arrest to a cable guy. I hear ya…. Usually it’s DPD delivery for me. They say they are coming to deliver that day and then they take FOREVER!!! You look good goid an all days though. Never seen you dressed down much.

    Love ya, mean it!! #yourpodcastsaremylife

    -Tracey in Ireland XXX

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