Snapshot | Why I Quit Social Media

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Plus! Why Are Dogs Dying Early & The Best Portable Laptop Stand!

This week’s Snapshot debuts on National Lazy Day (August 10) and I think it’s the perfect compliment to this much needed holiday. Whether you’re in the mood to be lazy or not! You may…

  1. Pause whatever is on your daily agenda, relax, and casually enjoy this week’s blog.
  2. Get inspired and educated by the 3 very different topics below.

It’s a win/win!

First up, why I quit social media (and is it for good?). Then, a shocking new discovery on the life span of dogs and how we can make a difference. Lastly, one of my fave life hacks! It’s sure to get you more productive and feeling better!

Pour some lemonade, hang up the hammock, and let’s get lazy!


Personal Development Chat – Why I Quit Social Media

How many times a day do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through social media? Are you even aware of the number? Probably not. The average person spends about 2 hours a day. And teenagers are a whole separate entity – aren’t they always!? – with 9 hours of social media use on the daily!

With all that time dedicated to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and the rest of the gang… this habit is no doubt a very unhealthy compulsion for most. Not to mention, a gigantic time waster — often used to shield us from our current reality. Living in a make believe world where priorities become jumbled.

But, like anything else in life, it’s how YOU use it.

Look, life is about seasons. You have to let some things go to see other things you care about grow and flourish.

And that is exactly why I had to quit social recently. Now, before you get all concerned, just know that this was temporary. Don’t worry, we’re still a team – you and me.

Family Chat – Why Are Dogs Dying Early?

A few years ago, in 2016, The Kennel Club conducted a crazy large study on a dog’s lifespan. What they concluded was something very sad and troubling…

The average lifespan of our beloved pups has come down from 11 to 10 years. And, by the way, this unfortunate development took only a decade to happen!

But why?

Of course, there are the usual common culprits, such as: vaccinations, regular checkups, neutering, exercise, training, and socialization.


Life Hack – What Is The Best Portable Laptop Stand?

Using a laptop vs a desktop has a ton of inherent advantages. From power usage to ease of assembly. But, most significantly… portability! You can take it wherever you need to get your work done – home, office, Starbucks, travel, etc. However, while laptops have awesome and practical functionalities, they also come with problems. For your body.

We’re talking neck issues, posture problems, wrist pain, and more. Thankfully, my friends, there’s a super convenient and low-cost answer that is guaranteed to ease this stress: a portable laptop stand!

Honestly, if you watched the 1st chat, then you know I’ve been in writing mode. Everywhere. Including my oh so comfy bed. And, frankly, said device has allowed me this luxury.

Of course I wouldn’t leave you hanging! If you want one for yourself or your kids or whoever you deem worthy, CLICK HERE!

What did you think of this week’s blog? #InquiringMindsWantToKnow your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for sticking with me till the very end here! You’re my truest lifer and I appreciate you more than you know!



3 responses to “Snapshot | Why I Quit Social Media”

  1. I don’t know why it never occurred to me manufacturers are poisoning our dogs the same way they are poisoning us!!! Thanks for opening my eyes.

    And to think our dogs are rescues!!! Some rescue.

  2. Thank you for sharing the dog food you use. I’ve been doing a combination of dehydrated human grade food, with some Stella & chewy’s raw patties mixed with fresh veggies.

    I’m going to check out the two companies you highlighted! Thanks again!

  3. I have been saying that about the dog food forever! I work in a mobile vet van and you would not believe the percentage of people that bring their dog in and are diagnosed with food allergies. We say “ears and rears” is most likely a food allergy. (meaning if they are itching and inflamed in those 2 places it is most likely due to food) It is so sad because the consumer thinks they are choosing the best foods for their dogs from the MARKETING and it ends up being one of the worst. If you go with a dry dog food, find one that is a limited ingredient dog food with no more than 5 ingredients listed. A lot of the time the dog is allergic to the type of protein in the food also.

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