How Much I Tip At Restaurants

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How Much I Tip At Restaurants  

As one who used to serve in restaurants, I know the struggle. When you’re in the weeds — waiter-speak for “I have 5 tables that need 3 things each yesterday and I was just sat 2 new tables, HELP!” — it’s a legit very special kind of stress. That said, I always loved the gig because I love people. And every new table was an opportunity to flash my pearly whites, make new friends, and give a memorable experience.

Tbh, I think EVERYONE should know what it’s like waiting on tables. A life prerequisite, if you will. I’m not sure there’s a better job out there for teaching patience, prioritizing in the moment, and fast troubleshooting — while ALWAYS having a smile on your face.

Have you ever served before? Ya feel me on all this? Tell me in the comments! I’m dying to know!

Anyway, just the other day, Bret and I experienced stellar service and it prompted me to share my thoughts on tipping. 


Caveat: I’m not saying that how I tip is right for everyone. But I’m hoping it gets you thinking a little outside the box. Remember, your energy around money is a real thing. If you hold onto it with your dear life, you’ll never have the abundance you most likely desire. Not to mention, what you put out in the Universe (and in your server’s pocket) comes back to you in spades.


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Podcast Feature of the week: SuperMoms and the Pressure to Do it All

This week’s CarSmart is dedicated to all the moms out there. But even if you’re not a mom, you’ll find value in the tips shared. I’m about to voice my opinion on topics that might be considered controversial, like: who you choose to align with / pick as a mentor and how to be a good parent while struggling with the belief you’re supposed to do it all. In this episode, I’m giving you strategies that’ll help you manage your life better, keep your sanity, and — most importantly — stay true to your priorities.


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3 responses to “How Much I Tip At Restaurants”

  1. I’ m a Lifer, ChaLEAN Extreme is my soul workout and was what started me in my 50 pound weight loss, and am a nutritionist now and believe as you do on the topic.
    I am ALSO a waitress and I own 2 business (my businesses pays my bills and waitressing gets me out of the house and I love people).
    Love your podcasts, I share them often.

    I am a wonderful tipper and I make sure that my teenage kids are also when they go out with their friends and they have since taught their friends the same.

    You. are. the. bomb. dot. com!

  2. Yes! Every table was a new story, a new experience… so much fun that the time would fly by. I made more per hour waiting tables (during college) than most of my friends did at their regular jobs. Of course, little did I know, I just needed an eBook!

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