Snapshot | When Doctors Are Wrong

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Plus! How To Even Out Body Skin Tone & Chicken Burger Lettuce Wrap Fail

It’s impossible to read the news and not see headlines about doctors. Just this week, there has been everything from spanking your kids (docs are against it) to flu vaccinations (docs are for it). And what about the trending topic of artificial intelligence replacing doctors? Oh my.

There’s even reports about what TV doctors (yes, TV) got wrong! #ButNotMyDoogie

Actually, this leads me to our main chat of the week. It revolves around a hospital visit I paid to a friend that resulted in my jaw dropping! In other talks, we’re getting beautified (camouflaging body splotches), and food orders gone stupid.

I’m excited. Are you excited? Let’s do this!


Health Chat – When Doctors Are Wrong

When we get sick, something is really off kinda sick, the vast majority of us seek a medical professional. We simply assume they’ll look at us, maybe run some tests, and then have all the solutions. The truth is, though, oftentimes they don’t. I mean, we are complex creatures, after all. And with that comes symptoms that are often hard to discern.

What’s worse, sometimes, is when they ARE able to figure out what is wrong… BUT leave you hanging as to how to fix the problem. For example, maybe the culprit for your pain stems from digestive issues. Your doctor has decided surgery is not the answer. He recommends to exercise daily and better quality sleep. Sounds good, right?

Ummm, not so much. He hasn’t even approached the subject of diet!

If you’re thinking the above scenario is aberrant, I’m here to inform that it’s the norm. Your headlining video this week is but one example. I was literally in the hospital room, with my dear friend, when I heard the doc suggest what her diet should be (after diagnosis). You’re not going to believe what went down…


You’ve got to wake up, get smart and become a better / more informed patient! And nothing, I MEAN NOTHING, out there in the world right now will get you there faster than 131 Method! Next round begins on Monday, the 12th! Sign Up NOW to claim your spot!


Beauty IconBeauty Chat – How To Even Out Body Skin Tone

The “lit from within” glow is, ideally, achieved with proper daily water intake, healthy diet, proper sleep, and a positive mindset. I’m talking… that spark in your eyes thing, you know?

But, let’s be honest, there are certain tricks we ladies have that help us get there super quick. Let me know in the comments any you might have!

For me, self-tanning is a biggie! For better or worse, I gotta admit, it gives me a little boost of confidence. Truth is, how you feel about how you look definitely plays a role in your overall health. And being as 66% of us think people with a tan look healthier (according to the American Academy of Dermatology)… I say, bring on the body makeup spray!

Now, don’t be misled by over-the-counter products of the past – forcing your skin to look orange and uneven, feeling sticky, and smelling gross.

No, no, no.

We’ve come a long way, baby! You NEED to check out the following clip for my fave… it really helps to cover imperfections while, also, providing a sensational natural looking glow!


If you’re thinking of picking one up for yourself, no need to look any further. CLICK HERE!


Just For Fun Chat – Chicken Burger Lettuce Wrap Fail

I’ve been a waitress, I know the struggle. A customer comes in with some strange request, like: “pepperoni pizza, no pepperoni” or “veggie omelette, no eggs”. Seriously, these things happen!  So, you just smile, repeat the order, and give them what they want. Unless, of course, the chef won’t have it. Oh, the chef. Don’t even get me started!

In today’s time, though, it’s gotten to a whole other level. With everyone and their mother having an allergy and food restriction (gluten free, organic, grass fed, no dairy, etc.)… I can only imagine what servers / order takers have to endure today!

But listen, some requests can’t be that foreign to the masses, right? Case in point, the order I gave the other night (featured in the vid below). It was just another reminder that you have to pick your battles, always smile, and then head to Snapchat to share a laugh…


Did you laugh? I hope so!

Omg, I’m so excited, I almost forgot…

I have HUGE things planned for YOU for Black Friday & Cyber Monday! Stay tuned!

See you next week!



4 responses to “Snapshot | When Doctors Are Wrong”

  1. As a doctor, I will tell you the “why” question is almost always unanswerable. Gut health is definitely a factor, but this concept has not entered into the medical lexicon. We are pretty good at finding problems, but “why you” is often answered with conjecture. I do believe many modern day issues are caused by our “modern” diets!

  2. Is there anyone else in social media who is as informative AND funny? I don’t think so! Thank you! This blog makes my week every week. 🙂

  3. I relate. The other day I was thinking back to several instances where doctors were wrong in their advice. But I realised before it was too late.
    Once a doctor advised me to use a steroid cream on my face. But I had read the leaflet and it forebade it. I could only use it temporarily on other parts of my body.

    I have a skin condition that doctors say is incurable. The treatments they prescribed didn’t work long term and they mostly discouraged me to look at my diet.
    But I did after a friend insisted and saw a transformation I never thought possible.

    It’s a shame that doctors aren’t encouraged to be more than pill pushers…

    Even if they mean well, we can’t take their word as gospel…We have to do our research!

  4. I appreciate your comments about the doctor and his “information”. Just a heads up. Your diet of corn and nuts etc. are fine for diverticulosis (not diverticulitis). When infected and inflamed the gut can perforate and so they like to rest the gut with Low Residue (low roughage) diet. When not inflamed, high fiber diet. If high fiber with inflammation the infected diverticula may rupture. Diverticula, the outpouches (like little caves) are part of the sigmoid colon and are present usually after age 50. Due to our diets, constipation, and pressure. It is not an anatomical normal.

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