Why They Call Me Karen

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Podcast Feature of the Week: I Know Why You’ve Gained Weight

The holidays are upon us! AKA — the time of year where many peeps gain weight and/or don’t feel their best. In this CarSmart edition, I’ll share my thoughts as to why this happens. But, even better… I’ll  explain how to stop this unfortunate trend!


In other podcasts gems:


Should You Exercise While Sick?

I filmed this just before my girls trip when I had a teeny tiny cold that seemed to linger on forever. But alas, as soon as I saw all my girlfriends in NYC, whatever last remaining sick germs I had all but disappeared. That’s the power of friendship, ladies! Anyway, the question I answer in this clip is one I get asked all the time:

To Workout Or Not To Workout While Sick?

So, I thought I’d include my quick thoughts on this topic — even though, thank God, I’m back to feeling 100%! And I hope you are, too!

Girls Trip Insanity

Speaking of my girls trip… If you didn’t catch it on Instagram Stories, then I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. Normally, I’d include the clip in this blog for your viewing pleasure, but to incentivize you to NEVER miss a Story again:


When you’re watching on IG, make sure you’re following and turn your notifications ON. This way, you’ll never miss these shenanigans again!

Girl Gang Chalene johnson


Why They Call Me Karen 

I learned many things on my vacay with the girls. That’s what deep conversations and crazy fun with your besties does, right? But, perhaps, THE most important thing I learned from this getaway is that I’m a Karen. 

But wait! That’s not all! I just had to include for you my newest — hot of the presses TikTok. Call it a Clap Back, if you will. Recorded and published mere hours ago…


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Let me know in the comments if you got a laugh from any of the conversations above. That’s always the goal. Life’s too short otherwise, you know?





3 responses to “Why They Call Me Karen”

  1. Sh!t! My 3 kids constantly remind me all the time that my name is now a “meme!” I am blonde & I have had a bob, no acrylics though (don’t like fake nails). Drive a Mini but I did once have a Volvo. If treated unfairly, I will go to the manager. SO THERE! LOL! Yes, Karen was THE most popular name of my generation (High school class of 100 students & 6 were Karen). I am proud to actually be a Karen even though I always liked my middle name better because it was more obscure (Annette).

  2. 🤣🤣 My middle name is Karen! But I don’t have 3 kids, acrylics or a volvo……
    I do however have two cheeky teenage daughters who think it’s hilarious 😂

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