Tips On Starting Over in Life with No Money

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Recently, I asked my Instagram audience questions regarding their financial status. Things like: starting with nothing, growing income/wealth, having more opportunity, and money mindset. And I found their answers so powerful and illuminating that I’ve decided that — for the next few weeks — I’ll dedicate my blogs to this topic.

First up…

Tips On Starting Over in Life with No Money

Tips Starting Over Life No Money Financial Status

Specifically, Megan asked…

What would you do if you were to start over, and you were a single mom, making only $4000 a month?

So yes, I’m aware that $4k a month isn’t exactly “no money” — however, it can certainly feel that way when you’re raising a child on your own.

To begin, one needs to be careful about saying “only” because that is mindset (if even subconscious).

But wherever you are in life…

  • food stamps
  • deeply in debt
  • evicted

…you already have enough to change your circumstances. 

It’s not about what you’re earning right now; it’s about your potential. And your potential is limitless when you understand that it’s a skill set — which means anyone can learn it.

But people want an exact blueprint.

“Tell me, though, how do I do this step by step?!”

Now, it’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting a major lifestyle change yesterday, but that tells me that Megan hasn’t learned the process of figuring out what she wants — exactly — and then reverse engineering it. 

Let’s just say, for example, that Megan decides she would like to earn double what she makes currently. Great! 

Then, we have to figure out what it would take to make that a reality. Start by:

  • sit down with a pen and a piece of paper
  • be super resourceful
  • do the research
  • come up with a list
Writing a List to Reverse Engineer to Start over in Life with No Money

Let the list come to you free-form without judging or dismissing your ideas and just put them all on paper so you get clear on what you want (and don’t slow your roll).

Maybe it means:

  • starting a side hustle
  • expanding your business
  • partnering with someone
  • selling assets you might have

While I don’t know the particulars of Megan’s situation, I do know that — when you think about what it is you want — you can’t leave it out there floating around in the universe.

Let’s take Megan’s specific, “What would you do if you were to start over…”

Obviously I can’t tell her where to start because I don’t know where she wants to go. Hence, here’s another illustration as to the lack of clarity in her goals.

Regardless, we can all assume she wants more. But — as stated, that isn’t precise enough. 

My tip then?

You must give it a number! Like, a real on-the-dot dollar amount. And it should feel a little out of reach and scary. I mean, within the realm of reality, but also a stretch. 

It needs to feel like,

“Okay, this would push me, this would scare me. But I really think if I… in my heart of hearts… if all the stars aligned, I could do it.” 

Starting Over in Life with No Money is about Mindset

And that’s where you want to start!

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