Strategy For Instagram Growth 2022

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Figuring out a strategy for Instagram growth is essential for your business in 2022. There may be no other platform — at this time — that is more useful and impactful in growing one’s brand. 

No Platform is Better for Growth Business Brand than Instagram

Strategy for Instagram Growth 2022

Step one: Identify your niche.

Bottom line: you need to have a singular focus. No one’s going to follow (or continue following) an Instagram account that one day posts vegan recipes, the next day is all about rock climbing tips, and the day after that is how to properly bathe a dog. 

You get the idea.

I know what you’re thinking, 

But what about the influencers or even you, Chalene? 

Well, I may talk about all the things now, but I gained my initial following for ONE thing — fitness. And I can promise you that the vast majority of influencers started off by honing in one category.

However, once you get, I don’t know, 100k followers, sure… you have some freedom and flexibility to start chatting about different interests and passions and hobbies.

(It goes without saying that you can interject more personal and varied topics on Instagram Stories.)

In order to experience Instagram growth, though, you need a specific group of people who you’re serving in a very specific way. 

Instagram Growth 2022 is About Serving People Niche Specific

Step two: Optimize your profile.

Picture it: You have a boutique in the downtown of your city. Obviously, you want passersby to walk into your shop and look around. So, you have to have a presentable exterior that makes a good first impression. Right? 

Your store should probably have:

A sign/name that makes sense, creates curiosity and properly conveys what’s being sold inside.

So, it’s the same thing on social media. You have to attract people to the front door, AKA your profile.

And then you have to make sure that they press follow — which is the equivalent of actually walking through the front door of your boutique. 

Step three: Post a minimum of one valuable feed post per day. 

Let’s define feed posts. Those are…

  • reels
  • carousels
  • pictures
  • videos

…that live on your home page/grid.

Again, a minimum of one per day — but you could do more. 

Just keep in mind that if you go from 0 to 100, you will lose people.

However, if you slowly increase from a few posts a week to one a day, then two a day —  you won’t overwhelm your audience.

The biggest and most crucial element, though, is that your posts are valuable! That is truly a major factor in increasing your growth rate.

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