Tapping For ADHD, Stress, Anxiety and More

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When one of my best girlfriends told me about something called tapping, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. “You mean, you tap on your head and neck and it decreases stress and negativity?!” (You can imagine my initial skepticism). 

But because I trust her, and listened intently about how it helped her through her cancer diagnosis and treatments, I decided to dive in.

I became instantly intrigued by what I found online with regard to tapping and ADHD. (If you know me at all, you know your girl needs every solution possible when it comes to focus.) #adultadhd

What I learned was, that in addition to helping people relieve stress, anxiety and PTSD, tapping is also used to attract more money, overcome self-doubt and to simply manifest overall abundance.

If you want to know more about this technique and how to add it to your wellness routine like I have, read on…

What Is Tapping?

It’s a modality (also known as EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique) that uses acupressure and psychotherapy principles to reduce stress and emotional issues. Finger tapping on specific meridian points has been shown to decrease turmoil and increase feelings of positivity.

When used effectively, EFT helps clear traumas, autoimmune disorders, anxiety and more. People also use it with mantras to draw in money, love, confidence and to establish a peaceful day.

Gary Craig, who developed EFT in the early 90’s, says, “the cause of negative emotion is a disruption in the body’s energy system.  The meridian endpoints we tap on with EFT are the same ones used in acupuncture, a form of ancient Chinese medicine. The idea is that if you can stimulate the endpoint associated with a specific body part, which is in turn connected to a specific emotion, you can unblock the energy flow and neutralize the emotional charge,” according to Additudemag.com.

How To Tap

By using two fingers, various acupressure points on the face, body and hands are vigorously tapped while focusing on an a heightened emotional event, which helps relax the sympathetic nervous system, producing calmness. There’s often a setup statement for each area of the body being tapped. For example:

(Top of Head):

“Even though I feel nervous about public speaking, I completely trust and accept myself.”


“Even though I want to quit, know I’ve got this.”


“Even though I feel embarrassed about my stage fright, I forgive myself and know I’m not perfect.”

And so on…

The remaining points are:

(Under the eye)

(Under the nose)


(Under the armpit)


Tapping and ADHD

While ADHD isn’t an emotional disorder, the feelings associated with having it are often quite emotional. From feeling discouraged because things take longer to accomplish, to exhaustion and overwhelm from the inability to focus, there are countless ways in which tapping brings a sense of calm and peace to cluttered minds. When restlessness, procrastination, fear, anger and frustration kick in, tapping can be a quick (and free) way to realign.

Giving it a Shot

In my research I found my kind of expert! If you think my nails and style are dope, then get ready to fall in love with the queen of tapping: Gala Darling.


Her style, charm and unapologetic mouth sucked me right in. She had me at “pink Barbie house!” (Find her on Instagram ASAP. She’s a tapping goddess with an attitude and confidence most women only dream about).

She’s a self-proclaimed “spiritual pop star” and best-selling author, but to me, she just made tapping seem super cool and something I needed to try given my hardcore adult ADHD.

I lucked out and interviewed her on The Chalene Show for a two-parter on tapping. I’m so glad my first experience was with her! Full of F-bombs and no B.S., Gala took me through a session that left me feeling calm and happy. I legit had a smile on my face at the end of our 5-minute session.

Go Through a Session Today

Listen to Part One: Tapping with the Queen of Pink, Gala Darling.

Then put it into practice with an actual session in Part Two: Do This if You’ve Been Feeling Stuck or Unsure | EFT Tapping to Unlock your True Potential with Gala Darling.

Since I’m rather new to tapping, I can’t say whether or not my entire life will transform because of it. However, after just a few sessions I do like the feelings it produces and enjoy having it in my arsenal. Gala says you need not tap every day. Simply use it as a coping strategy when you feel you need it, which is what I plan to do!

Comment below if you give tapping a try.

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