The Top Reason Customers Buy

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There are, of course, many reasons why customers might buy something. But there is, actually, one top reason.

While There Are Many Reasons Customers Buy There is One at The Top

Before we get to the top spot, let’s cover major runners up (as to why customers buy products, etc.):

  • Save time (food processor)
  • Make or save money (discounted clothes)
  • Transform or improve (makeup or weight loss program)
  • Feel good (clothes)

But even if what you’re buying has all of those things, there’s still the #1 top reason customers buy.

And if you, the entrepreneur / retailer don’t have it, it’s very hard to make sales.

I mean, it’s certainly possible — but it’s a million times easier if you have this one very important ingredient…


So, even if the product you, as the customer, are considering helps you…

  • save time and money
  • feel better
  • transform
  • improve

…but lacks the trust factor, then you will rarely click that buy now button.

Customers Will Rarely Buy When There's No Trust Factor

In fact, studies show that the number one reason the modern consumer buys something is because of trust.

Credibility, reliability, intimacy, and self-orientation

As stressed in the book, The Trusted Advisor (by, David Maister)…

  • credibility
  • reliability
  • intimacy
  • self-orientation

… make up objective variables of The Trust Equation — used to measure trustworthiness.

(By the way, self-orientation is basically when there’s too much self-promotion.)

If an Influencer is pushing some new face cream on her Stories and you’re thinking…

“Okay, she’s reliable because she’s consistent, her history is totally credible, I feel like she’s always sharing with me who she really is, and it’s NOT all about her all the time!”

…then, you will (most likely) buy because all of the elements of trust (per. Mr. Maister) are in place.

Establishing Trust on Social Media

As you may know, I’m always talking about consistency for growth. It’s key because it’s how you show your audience that you’re reliable (as noted above).

I’ve heard it said that the greatest ability we have is our reliability.

Customers Need Reliability to Establish Trust to Eventually Buy

Bottom line: Trust equals credibility, reliability, and intimacy. And all of that is divided by your self-orientation (what’s in it for you?).

Looking at it another way: You can lose followers and you can lose money — but you can figure out a way to them back. However, one of the most difficult/costly/expensive things to lose is trust. Because — almost every time — you won’t get it back.

Not to mention, it’s almost impossible to sell without it.

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