Tripwire: How To Use Tripwire Marketing In Social Media To Make Extra Money

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By launching into tripwire marketing in social media, you’ll experience something that is much more important than business growth. And that is a mindset shift. But first, let’s define tripwire marketing…

Basically, tripwire is a method which is commonly utilized in email marketing. It performs its magic by attracting customers with a super cost-friendly offer that just happens to be of top-notch quality. It’s quite similar to, what I like to call, a baby offer. You may also use the term introductory offer.

The notion behind this concept is to entice prospective customers into your sales funnel, securing them as a fan of YOU, your product, and brand. Leading to lifers who stick with you for the long haul, purchasing products that – eventually – are not so cheap.

Let’s get back to mindset for a moment. There’s a reason why that local donut shop in your town has their first-ever dollar bill pinned up on the wall. It’s not because that one dollar bill was going to pay the rent or keep the lights on or even feed one person for one meal; it’s what that dollar represents. That first transaction opens up the door to millions more.

We love swinging for the fences, making the half-court shot, and throwing the touchdown, but, sometimes, the baby steps are so much more important.

It’s the reason why people love Costco. There are just so many samples! People love sampling and testing things out. And it gets them coming back for more.

The same idea applies to a tripwire offer. You’re allowing your customers to get to know you. They’re learning what they can expect from you. When you overdeliver on an inexpensive, yet high-quality product, it leads to greater conversions in the long run.

Are your creative juices starting to flow? Maybe you’ve written down some notes already. Perhaps some ideas for baby offers have come to mind. But, I know you. After you finish reading this, you’re going to look at your list and think, “Nah, I just don’t have time. I can’t create this stuff. I’ve got to take the kids to school and practice. I have work. My husband needs me. Who’s going to make dinner? This is just one more thing I have to do that I just don’t have time for!

Well here’s what I want to propose. Instead of trying to create some product or course or playlist of videos or audio lessons or ebook or recipe book or workout tutorial or newsletter or Facebook group… just offer your expertise. You’re side hustle / side gig / side job / side business doesn’t have to take much time! Nor will it impact your bank account one penny.

To reiterate, you’re going to just offer your expertise.

And now, of course, what I’m about to teach you isn’t scalable. We don’t have an infinite amount of free time, do we? But that’s not the intention of this tripwire offer. This is all about making some extra money.

Oftentimes, your clients might already know everything that you’re instructing them on. Guess what? It doesn’t matter. They just need someone to give them that little nudge. The push to just start sloppy and messy. We all need that reminder, right?

The person who starts miserably is still way ahead of the person who never started at all.

Now, for the nitty gritty on learning exactly HOW to use your expertise as a tripwire offer on your favorite social media apps – with examples for Facebook and Instagram – you must check out the newest episode of Build Your Tribe, featuring Brock Johnson. Titled: Start A Side Business On Social Media: Why Everyone Needs A Baby Offer. Brock goes into his personal story from baby offer to multiple 5 figure businesses – all as a full time student and college athlete!


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