Ways To Get a Customer’s Best Email Address

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The question every entrepreneur is constantly asking themselves is, how can I get my prospective customer’s best email address? You know, the one that people actually check! Because think about it, if you’re only getting their spam (never-gonna-check) email, then your:

  • follow-up sequence will never be seen.
  • irresistible offer is never opened.
  • special discount never arrives.

None of it!

I’m not sure of the exact statistic, but I’m willing to be that at least 50% of people opt-in with an email address they never check.

The Best Ways To Get A Customer’s Best Email Address

Best Ways To Get Customer's Email Address for Opt-Ins

The following examples are mostly in regard to those scenarios where you’re offering freemiums to initially get your customer’s email.

#1: Communicate that you actually have the whole solution to their problem.

The caveat, though: But only offer a partial solution, first, and for free.

Remember this, if someone’s opting in to get something from you that solves part of their problem, it’s a bit rude to play games and not tell people that you have the whole kit and caboodle, as well.

#2: Don’t offer the full solution at the start.

It’s not a good thing to shove all the things down your new customer’s throat — because, originally, they’re asking for the free thing.

Usually people will opt-in for the free stuff, right?

So, the way to work around this is by saying something to the effect of:

“Oh, and P.S., if what you need is something more, we also offer that!”

#3: Think strategically about what you could do to improve your chances of getting THE good email.

Ask yourself questions from the customer’s perspective, like:

  • What would I hope to get in the future from X?
  • Do I really need this?
  • Is there going to be a follow-up sequence that I need to see?

Ask Yourself Questions from the Customer's Perspective To Ensure They Give you Their Best Email.

Personal anecdote: Recently, I was on a landing page to get more details on some free fill-in-the-blank. And there was a video prompt that described what I would be getting. So, I watched and learned that what I wanted would arrive in a three-part series (via email) — over the course of a week.

Because they said that, I decided to make an exception and enter my good email address.

My point is, think creatively! What could you do that would entice people to give you their best email address?

One common way this is done is to have people expect an email from you on the regular, such as a weekly newsletter.

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