What Counts As Engagement on Instagram?

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What counts as engagement on Instagram? This is a question I get all the time! Whether it be via my DMs, responses to IG Stories, or members of InstaClubHub.

Well, to put it simply…

Everything counts as engagement on Instagram.

Everything Counts as Engagement on Instagram

And no, I’m not trying to be cute or hyperbolic or anything. Let me explain.

Instagram tracks — get ready for this — more than 50,000 data points.

That’s insane!

Maybe you’re thinking,

“Sure, they’re looking at the four main kinds of engagement everyone knows about!”

  1. Like
  2. Comment
  3. Save
  4. Share

Nope, it doesn’t stop there, people.

They’re looking at:

  • Stories’ reactions
  • Live views
  • Minutes spent watching your videos (live or other)
  • How many comments your live attracted
  • Badges
  • Requests to join a Live
  • How many times the Q&A button was pressed
  • If your Live was shared
  • How many people leave your video (in the middle of watching) and then come back to it moments later
  • When people exit the app entirely while watching your video

Yeah, I repeat, with Instagram tracking over 50,000 data points — everything is tracked.

With 50,000 Data Points Any and All Engagement Is Tracked on Instagram

Have you ever heard Instagram experts say,

“Comments only count if they’re more than four words”?

Not so much.

Again, with 50,000 data points and IG tracking how long someone watched a random Reel, do you really think they pay much mind to the number of freaking words in a comment?

All comments count. Even if it’s:

  • an emoji
  • spam
  • one word

The theme of this blog?

All forms of engagement add up and factor into Instagram’s data points/algorithm.

So, when people are…

  • clicking on a poll in your story
  • using that slider bar
  • commenting on your posts
  • saving your posts

…they all count toward the cumulative score, if you will.

From Instagram’s perspective, ANY engagement creates a snowball effect and works to your benefit!

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