What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up On Your Dreams

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Giving up on your dreams — or just the feeling of wanting to do so — is devastating and all too relatable.

For some, it’s almost unrecognizable; a slow gradual process they are never even aware of. One morning you simply realize that your life is not what you hoped it would be.

And for others, it’s an overnight realization… whether you feel like giving up on your:

  • Business
  • Marriage
  • Search for a new job
  • Weight loss journey
Giving Up On Your Dreams To Be In Shape Is Common

Whatever it might be for you and wherever you are in the stages of giving up on your dreams, I’d love to offer some tips to get that mojo back.

Number 1: Therapy.

This is the obvious (duh!) tip to end all tips. And yeah, I’m starting with it because it’s universal and can help everyone get centered again.

If you know in your heart that you do need therapy, but have yet to seek it, then I have a tough question for you:

Why not?

Honestly, if you have yet to go to therapy because time is an issue / excuse for you, then bookmark this page and get on it!

And if you don’t know where to start, consider one of my favorite sponsors: Talkspace (use code CHALENE for $100 off)

Number 2: Remember how much you once wanted something

I want you to think back on a project or a goal or a concept or something that once gave you joy. Was it a:

  • Hobby?
  • Thrill?
  • Course?
  • Adventure?
  • Vacation?
Remember How Much You Once Wanted Something To Get Your Dreams Back

Go back into your memory bank and remember how excited you were about it! And think back to the beginning because that’ll help you focus on the passion you had for that endeavor. 

Number 3: Identify what stressor is the straw that broke the camel’s back. 

The feeling you want to quit your dreams often results from adding ONE more (specific) thing to your plate. And it brought on too much stress — resulting in wanting to give up.

Try this: Take pen to paper and write down all the things that have you feeling overwhelmed. Look at that list and ask yourself,

“If I could remove just one of these and feel a lot less pressure, which one would it be?”

What has you physically tired and/or mentally consumed? Identify which stressor you might be able to remove, improve, change or fix. And address it!

If you’re diligent about this step and tackle it head on, I think there’s a strong shot you’ll find your motivation will return. 

Number 4: Picture the ultimate result.

Imagine a realistic positive end result — visualize it — of the thing you want to give up on. And if you’re thinking to yourself, right now,

“That’s the problem, Chalene. I just don’t even know what I want.”

Then, my question back to you is,

“What are you afraid of?”

Nothing feels worse than just quitting. If you want to achieve the dreams you can picture in your mind, you’ve got to try.

Number 5: Reach out to others. 

You need support from your people. Whether that comes in the form a support group, friends, family, co-workers, mentors, etc.

You Can't Achieve Your Dreams Alone

The people who you need in your life are out there. You need to be open and willing to allow them in. Finding another individual who has gone through a similar crisis (and has come out on the other side) will strengthen your belief in yourself.

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