What To Post When You Don’t Feel Like Posting

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It’s no surprise that internet usage has spiked in 2020 with the worldwide lockdown. That said, it doesn’t mean that more people feeling the need to post. Actually, some studies are showing that engagement is down even if people are spending more time on social media apps. 

When To Post on Social Media If You're Not Feeling It

Regardless, though, feeling stuck and not knowing what to post is a real thing — pandemic or no pandemic.

Before I get to tips on how to get over the hump, let’s discuss WHY people generally refrain from posting:

  • Second guessing. You think things, like: “Oh, that’s not going to get likes” or “I’ll never get comments on this pic.”
  • Over-thinking. You think things, like: “Is this going to fit my brand?” or “Did I check off my six categories of posts?”

Over-analyzing is what stops so many people from posting in the first place.

Now, here are some suggestions for what to post when you’re just over it:

Number 1: Recycle content.

One of the coolest, easiest and best ways you can do this is just to go back through your old stuff and look for top performing content. Whatever it is:

  • Blog post
  • Instagram pic
  • Facebook video
  • YouTube vlog
  • Podcast episode

You don’t even need to pretend it’s brand new content (although, some people do and it’s not a big deal). When life gets in the way and /or you’re just not in the mood… repost, repost, repost.

Number 2: Be honest.

Post about the fact that you’re just not feeling it! Who doesn’t love those kinds of posts? To be frank, they generally do very well. Just publish a picture of your face with the caption,

“I’m not really into it right now.”

Any time you’re sharing emotion is going to be powerful because it’s relatable and authentic.

Be Real And Authentic when You Don't Know what to Post and It will Be Relatable
Number 3: Repost other people’s content.

Reposting another person’s viral content is a great way to take a day off of creating content. You’re also highlighting someone else and as long as it’s a public account (and you’re giving them credit), that creator is going to love you. I mean, you’d be giving them more eyeballs!

For this, I use a reposting app because it will actually give that user credit and download their content and caption — if you want to share both.

The way to best crush this tip is to pick out a hashtag that relates to the subject you want to post about.

For much more on this — including, times in my life when I didn’t have the heart or energy to post — check out the Build Your Tribe episode below…



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