What To Do If Someone Steals Your Social Media Ideas

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Whether you want to use the term steals or copycat or imitate, when it comes to YOUR social media ideas and content — it’s a shocking thing to experience. 

To be clear, I’m not speaking about trademark infringements or true copyright violations. 

This blog is dedicated to those who follow your lead (on Instagram, for example) so closely that it’s a freaking wonder they have no issue being as bold as they are about it!

The question, then, becomes…

What do you do about it?

What To Do If Someone Steals Your Social Media Ideas

What To Do If Someone Steals Your Social Media Ideas

Maybe there’s somebody in your industry who’s a few steps behind (or even ahead of) you and they’re literally watching everything you do. 

And you begin to notice that it’s a little more than obvious their content is (almost 100%) inspired by you.

Like, you…

  • create a Reel and they create an almost identical Reel the next day
  • send an email newsletter to your list and, all of a sudden, they send one (structured the same) to their list
  • plan your launch and, a month later, they plan theirs — using your funnels, opt-ins, pricing, etc. 
  • change your niche, they change their niche
  • update your website to neon green and lavender, and they update theirs to neon green and pink

You get it, right?

And even though they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, it doesn’t feel like flattery when someone steals — at least it feels like they’re stealing — your original ideas/content/inspiration.

The whole situation is creeping in on your last nerve and getting ridiculously annoying.

What To Do If Someone Steals Your Social Media Ideas Stop Do About it

However, they’re not really infringing on any of your legal rights!  But still, you want them to stop.

So what can you do about it? 

Get a very realistic perspective by understanding that there is very little that is original.

Every time I feel a little irritated when I see someone who steals/copies my stuff… I always pause and remember that I, too, was probably inspired by somebody else who did it very well.

Competition exists in all business markets. And because there’s competition, we take inspiration from great content and work (i.e., those we see as successful).

It’s crazy and it’s rampant. 

I don’t know a content creator who hasn’t been copied. Honestly, it’s almost like a rite of passage.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not trying to have all my ideas ripped and stolen!

So, how do I handle it, personally?

Well, in this episode of Build Your Tribe, I’ll share with you how I navigate these often frustrating waters. You’ll also find out:

  • Where/how I find research for my content
  • What is Copyright Infringement
  • The difference between copycatting and finding inspiration

Listen below!

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